Surprising Generosity

Written by: Ericka Scott, Blue Ride

The last 4 weeks have gone by so quickly. I cant’t believe the trip is half finished! Sometimes days, dates, and time has no beginning or end, and towns seem to blend together.

Even though time and cities have blended together, I have been humbled by the generosity of the churches we have been to and the people we have met along the way. For example, in one of the small towns in Utah, we were taking showers at a place with a public pool. As I was finished getting ready to leave, a lady asked about the orange jersey. I explained what we were doing, and she pulled out a $20 and gave it to me. This act of generosity was a little surprising. I was not expecting a donation from someone I didn’t know, and in a locker room for that matter. I am thankful for the people we’ve come across on this trip. It has been a pleasure to meet so many people from all walks of life.

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