Susan Kruse: Support role has been a great escape
June 15, 2021

By Susan Kruse

I was nervous as I headed off to Amelia Island on May 28th not really sure what Jim had gotten me into this time. Each day I feel more comfortable and confident with my duties as a SAG driver. I have finished two weeks and been blessed in so many ways.

A few highlights:

  • The scenery: the Atlantic Ocean, pine trees, lush greenery, geese walking in the fog and mountains
  •  New friends
  • Strangers stopping to ask if I’m OK
  • Oncoming cars flashing their lights at me as our cars pass to tell me of the bikers ahead
  • Fuller Center staff
  • Freddie, a stranger who gave me a $5 donation
  • Stephanie, a cyclist on a training ride, gave us 3 moon pies because they were a local treat
  • Build Sites — the one in particular that sticks out in my mind is Irene and Paul’s home. Paul has Stage 4 cancer and wanted help with fixing his house for his wife. Our contribution was painting the exterior of the home. Irene was overwhelmed when we were done. She  hugged each one of us.

The hospitality is hard to explain without experiencing it.

I am living a simple life without the constant exposure to our negative media. If you feel stressed by the pressures of our world come join us on our adventure. HERE I AM LORD!

We still need support drivers for our West Coast ride (July 9 – August 8) from Seattle to San Diego. You can join us for the entire trip or weeklong segments. If you’re interested in volunteering as a support driver, contact Ryan Iafigliola at

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we love Our sponsors!

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