Teacher Outside Her Classroom

Written by: Stephany Escalante-Galindo, Blue Ride

I’m a middle school teacher from Los Angeles, California. In the middle school where I teach life science, we have an overarching school mission based on social justice. We expose students to opportunities to feel their power as agents of change. Yeah, I teach science, but I’m also teaching students to feel the power of their own activism.
Joining the Fuller Center last year was like jumping in feet first and taking it all in. I had no idea what to expect. The only person I knew was Monica Busby, and she had gone cross country the year before and I wanted to show her how inspiring she was to me by joining for two weeks.

Today marks the second ride for us this summer. I’m here riding for the Fuller Center but more this year for my students. The ride today was great. Sunny with climbs and flat roads. I hope to show through my actions that everyone is capable of achieving great feats. This organization allows you to live its mission through active participation in the ride and on build days and through our voice.

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