Passing the build day baton in Logan, Utah
June 13, 2024

By Thad Vaughn

After an inspirational gathering with another Fuller Bike Adventure group, we took the baton on a project for a young lady named Ashley.

Ashley inherited her grandmothers 1890’s home after she passed from Covid in 2020. Ashley’s pride of homeownership was visible during today’s blitz build.

We had a group weeding, planting plants, installing weed barrier and mulch.  Another group tackled building a privacy fence.  A group built a nice little shed so she could store her winter tools.  Another group scraped paint while others painted steel stairs, a swing set and primed the front entry of her home.

It was very hot, and everyone worked hard to accomplish all the tasks Ashley dreamed of getting done.

The most inspiring takeaway for me today was just how hard our group worked, and Ashley was right there working equally as hard all day.
We left her feeling satisfied with many tasks that could have been overwhelming for her to accomplish on her own.

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we love Our sponsors!

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