Rain is not always a blessing
June 20, 2024

By Thad Vaughn

Off the bike today, June 20th. Build day in Craig, CO.

 We had several tasks today, but I was assigned roof duty again with Dave, Russ, John and Ellen. We needed to paint a waterproof coating on a mobile home and then paint the trailer. We attacked the roof early, thank god, while Ellen pressure washed the mobile home.

After lunch we begun the painting of the mobile home and all went well until it didn’t. A thunder and lighting storm rolled in and the sky opened up. Our freshly painted mobile home begun to bleed the color of our fresh paint. We were frustrated and sad as we could not finish our task. I have to learn that some things are just out of my hands and someone other than our group will have to finish up.

We ended up getting a few hours to chill out at the church and relax before we get back on the bikes in the morning on our way to Pak Creek, CO.

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we love Our sponsors!

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