Written by: Fred Smoak

FCBA left Seattle today to begin our trip to San Diego. For the past few days we have been catching up with old, returning friends, getting to know our new friends, and preparing for the journey. Packing up, cleaning the church, stuffing the van… that means we’re on our way!

This is my third Fuller trip – and I expect it to be as different from the other two as they were from each other. Riding our bike brings a bubbling feeling of enjoyment; our commitment to helping others also strengthens the bond between us. I have sometimes compared Fuller trips to the mix of an army campaign and a summer camp. There is confusion in the ranks but there is no doubt we will reach our destination.

I never met Millard Fuller, but he was clearly an amazing person. His spirit pervades FCBA and the people it attracts. Right now I’m looking at a group of tired people, resting, doing chores, and catching up with friends. They could be doing so many other things, but we can’t think of anything more rewarding than a Fuller Center adventure.

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