The Big Century!

Written by: Alan Stanford

Hello FCBA blog followers!  Great ride today! We had blue skies and temperature was in the 70’s. I had my first century ride today, 100 miles. I kept biking after our destination until I hit 100. I am thankful for Connor and Jim biking with me until I got it. I rode with Jennifer, Jeff, Connor, and Jim today. Wow, they are fast… I think they slowed it down a little for me.

Once we got to our destination, Beach Springs Free Will Baptist Church, we shuttled over to Morganwood Camp. It is a large facility built for accommodating youth camps. There are 2 cabins, one for men and one for women, that we will be sleeping in. The bunk beds look pretty comfy. I know everyone is going to go to sleep well after the long ride.

This is my first time with the FCBA and I am having a really great time. I am enjoying spending time and getting to know everyone on the trip. We are from all over the place and everyone has a different story of how they joined the FCBA. We all seem to have one thing in common though- we want to help others who are struggling to afford a decent home. Next build day is Thursday!

Below is a picture of everyone on the ride in their 20’s and Jack, support driver/role model, that turns 90 this summer.


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