The Bike Adventure Stickers

If you’ve watched our Facebook photos very closely, you may have noticed some interesting stickers on some of the riders’ bikes. Here’s what those are all about… and how you can get your very own!After years of giving riders trophies or medals for finishing a ride, we’ve decided to do something a little different. The idea is that unlike medals or trophies that collect dust on a shelf, these are something that we can put on our bike or helmet, and will be with us every time we ride. They’ll be more visible to others, giving us opportunities to share about the Fuller Center and our adventures and they’re a way to memorialize our years with the Bike Adventure — kind of like feathers in a cap or college football stickers on a football helmet. Also, they’re quality outdoor stickers like bumper stickers, so they should survive for years through rain, hail, and even massive headwinds (as some 2014 riders may be able to confirm!).

How it works:

1. They’re earned: they will only be given to riders and support volunteers. We have other ways to thank church hosts and others.

2. Anyone who bikes any distance on FCBA can get a white sticker. Each Segment, Spring, Day and Silver Comet rider will get a white sticker, and those who do multiple rides in a year can get multiple stickers.

3. Those who go the whole way in the summer, including support people and those who perhaps get hurt and spend time in the van, can get the larger blue sticker.

4. Riders can receive stickers for all of their previous FCBA rides as well! To those who rode earlier this summer, we’ll be mailing them (only this time for the 2014 riders — see #5).

5. They’re for life! So if they fall off, or you buy a new bike or helmet, we’ll replace them all for free…with a catch. To keep up the community aspect of the event, we’ll only replace them when you show up in person to an FCBA event! You can either be returning to ride again or just stopping to meet the Bike Adventure as we pass through your area. Or, you can visit us at our office in Americus, Georgia. Why have this rule? Because we’d like to see you again!

Our hope is that this becomes a fun way to celebrate the FCBA family as the ride grows and grows.

Plus, we know that once you’ve read this you’ll get yourself signed up for the brand new Silver Comet ride so you can get your stickers :-)!

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