The Calm After the Storm

Written by: Karl Trimmer
Last evening as we prepared to settle into a long nights sleep, preparing for the 97 mile ride from Louisville to Erlanger, the weather hit. The dark skies opened up and the rain began to fall sideways.   I believe that the term, “raining buckets” may have been coined from this type of rain.  Thunder and lightning crashing, then next we knew lights out time was preceded by the power outage, our “bedroom” was dark.  All power down for about three hours.  Needless to say, not all got the rest required for the next days ride.

Our “wake up” today at 5:00 A.M. was a little later than usual.  It felt good.  We got dressed, ate, and loaded the trailer as usual, not really expecting to have a great day, but as the sun rose, the day looked promising.  As we headed to Erlanger, it became apparent that the storm was every bit as bad as we thought.  Significant debris, limbs, leaves and a wayward trash can scattered across the roads, thankfully we all passed without incident.
As we rode our way out of Louisville, less debris, less distractions, and many beautiful homes and boats along the river.  One home had two small deer playfully jumping in the front yard for our enjoyment.
Very little headwind, some tailwind made the day a real pleasure to ride.  I believe that some riders could set personal best records on days like this.  The route we followed was amazing.  Good roads, great vistas as we rode up the valleys with several beautiful farm settings. Each one a picture in itself.
As we rode into Erlanger, traffic became more dense, but the drivers remained extremely courteous giving us the right of way. The weather held… all arrived safely and dry.  It was a good day for riding.

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