The Fuller Center Friends

Written by: Stephanie Galindo
This morning we awoke to a delicious surprise waiting for us; the number of tasty ingredients inside the egg casserole are too many for me to describe. Trust me, our chore teams are awesome and make mouth watering food! After cleanup, discussed safety and agreed upon the necessary safety protocols to ensure our ability to protect ourselves and others from preventable accidents while riding.

The Fauntleroy church opened their hearts and their resources to our Fuller Center riders. We were gifted with a beautiful Sunday ceremony of baptisms, confirmations, and spirited sharing of the Holy Spirit through a symbolic throwing of streamers.
After receiving blessings we checked lights and checked helmets before venturing into the urban Seattle landscape riding 13 miles to the iconic Space Needle. The ride was incredibly scenic along the water and was relatively flat for the first part until we reached Spring St. and then on to 4th street. There were 4 streets we needed to climb that were between 11%-13% grade and after each street we were grateful for the stop lights. You can always count on the FCBA Bike Adventure to lead you up difficult climbs and grant the euphoric sense of accomplishment after every challenge. We were first treated to a free rock concert at the Space Needle, and then we took an epic group picture and found ourselves making our way back to our host church.

Tonight we fend for our own dinner; in only a few hours there’s an authentic sense of community and fellowship as old riders invite new riders to join them for dinner. Friendships are constantly growing and shaping among all the riders every single day. Being on this ride over the past 2 summers and returning this summer to bike the west coast is testament to the fruits reaped by participating with an amazing organization that builds and supports grassroots actions to improve the health of others through partnership housing.

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