The Fuller family

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth 

I love this group!       

We come from different backgrounds, are different ages, have different careers, etc., but for this one week, we celebrate our likenesses and work as a team with a common goal.  Of course we all like biking (some more than others!).  We are committed to the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing.

As the week progresses, the distractions fall away.  We begin focusing on the basics: what will we eat tonight?  Where will we sleep?  Will the showers be warm?    

Riding with FCBA helps me pare it down to what is really important.  I enjoy meeting new folks and biking with them, but I also enjoy biking by myself.  I spend that time praying, sorting my thoughts, and just catching my breath.  

I am eternally grateful to have found my Fuller family.  I hope we can all take the Fuller spirit back with us as we go our separate ways. 

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