The Fuller Family

Written by: Clint Sager

Families share a genealogy that can be traced back hundreds of years, built on generation after generation. As the years go on the family tree blossoms, adding new limbs and branches as parents have children, who grow up, get married and have children of their own. Unlike the trees growing in forest or in a backyard, this tree thrives on love, respect, smiles, tears, passion, romance, adventure, success and failures causing the roots to grow deep; growing stronger through every trial. No wind can uproot it. No fire can char it. No lighting can strike it. The strength and resilience is immeasurable.

Many years ago the seed of my family tree was planted. Although I don’t know when or where the growth started I know that the branches will continue to grow and the roots will grow deeper and stronger as time goes on. What I didn’t know was another tree would grow in my life and in Carlsbad, California, six weeks ago, another seed was planted. That seed sprouted as I walked through the doors of a church and introduced myself to 40 random people from all over the states. A second family tree that I am honored to have and excited to watch blossom and thrive for many years to come. Much love to all my peeps. Lets keep shredding pavement and creating memories! #JesusBikesAmerica



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