The Hands-On Work

Written by: Gary Schroeder, Orange Ride

I find it amazing on a trip like this how each day can go so slow and still the week can go so fast. We have been on the road for four days and on a couple of them, it seemed as if we would never get to the finish. It struck me today that arriving in Spokane means we only have one more ride day left before the end of Segment 1.

The exciting part of arriving in Spokane means we will get to experience the second part of our reason for participating in the Bike Adventure in the first place. Until now, only our orange Fuller Center Bike Adventure jerseys and occasional explanations to curious strangers have been promoting the Fuller Center’s work. Tomorrow, we will be off the road and using the day to do the “hands on” work of making simple, affordable housing become a reality. A hammer and other tools will be a living application of giving to others.

As we get ready to go to work, I realized that it isn’t just the families the Fuller Center assists that are receiving a life-changing gift. Whether it is we as bike riders or the countless others who volunteer at Fuller Center “builds” around the world, those helping are receiving a life-changing gift as well. How can you not feel totally changed when you know that through your efforts, you are helping a family achieve what most of us take for granted—a safe, warm, dry place to call home.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to serve others by sharing my time and talents as part of the Fuller House bike adventure. Giving a gift that gives me so much in return is a priceless experience.


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