The Ideal Century Ride

Written by: Ryan Iafigliola, Orange and Blue Ride

From the cherry orchards of Wenatchee, to the desert canyons of Coulee, and the wheat fields of Wilbur, today was another amazing ride. Gorgeous, awe-inspiring beauty all along the way, but that wasn’t even the best part. The best part was…the tailwind! A swift wind pushing us along, making the climbs a bit easier, and the flats a breeze.


Tonight, we returned to Community Presbyterian Church, where we also stayed in 2011. Once again, they were super hosts, generously opening their doors and giving us a delicious home-cooked meal. We love coming here!


About a dozen riders from the blue ride also arrived here today by van, en route to the start of the blue ride in Seattle this coming Friday. For many of us, it was a reunion as we re-connected with returning riders—a small taste of the giant get-together that we’ll have together at the end as the blue and orange rides cycle together triumphantly into Washington, D.C.


It’s so rewarding to be part of the ride each year. As the ride is growing, it’s growing more complicated, but also more powerful. I’m leaving the orange ride tomorrow morning to return back to Seattle for orientation and the first week of the blue ride. It’s sad to be saying goodbye to my new friends already, but terrific that we have so many riders joining the mission and helping us grow our impact as we work together with God and each other to end poverty housing. We have a long way to go, but we’re already moving in the right direction.



Ryan Iafigliola is the founder of The Fuller Center Bike Adventure.


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