The Last Ride

Written by: Karl Trimmer

Today we completed the last mountain ride from Hazelton to Phoenixville, which is mostly downhill except for a few uphills, including Hawk Mountain, where the grade reaches 16% and the climb continues for two miles.  Most days everyone would be talking about what a killer the climb was and how happy they were to complete.  Today everyone seemed to take it in stride and finish.

The keywords “last mountain ride-”  we are all thinking about the lastThe last week. The last ride .  The last time we will be with folks, who got together randomly 10 weeks ago and have grown into a cohesive, caring, loving community, who support each other in rides, chores and problem solving while looking out for each other’s welfare.  There is an overall quietness that has overcome the group this week as I believe we all reflect on our ten week adventure.  This adventure started as a bike ride, but ended up being an event that changed all our lives.
There were also many firsts during this trip:  the many churches across the country who have given of their time to make sure that we had a place to stay and a meal;  the owner of a gas station store who told all our riders to take whatever that wanted… no charge- she thought our mission was a worthy one which she would support; the church members who dug into their pockets and contributed whatever they had;  the look on a mom’s face when she and her daughter found out that they were a recipient of a Fuller Center home.
The orange jersey has grown to represent someone who lives by God’s rules.  Someone who has compassion for all people and will gladly give of themselves at anytime.  We have given all during this ten weeks, but have received even more.  God Bless all who have participated and supported this Bike Adventure turned Life Adventure.

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