The magnificent views of Glacier National Park
June 3, 2022

By Becky Mitchell

Glacier National Park has been a family dream for years. And finally I, as one member of my “fam bam,” walked through the park with the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure!

In the days leading up to the park the chances of visiting inched closer and closer to not possible, especially for the cyclists to ride on the Road to the Sun. But this morning, computer lights shining and hopers still hoping the chance opened for us to traverse even a portion of the road. Three cyclists packed their gear for a self-supported ride of the open 14 miles. And the next eight of us piled into the van with equal excitement.
“I’m just glad to be here,” I said with a smile when one of the park workers said she hoped I could see wildlife and use my camera. We were in Glacier National Park, afterall, how exciting! (And several deer walked right along the path with us as well as magnificent views all around.)
I loved stopping through each beautiful pull off and taking photo after photo. And when we hiked six miles, the lake and mountain view blew every hiking uncomfortability away. Whoa, this amazing view is how we got to spend our off day!
Here are just two descriptions of fellow adventurers’ thoughts on Glacier: “God’s beauty” and “words nor pictures can express the beauty of God’s creation.”
So, yes it was different than we wanted but it turned out wonderfully. And many of us are already looking forward to another trip with more views!

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