The mission

Being new to the Fuller Center Bike adventure, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Other than what my friend Kim filled me in on.

So far, 4 days in, the journey has been a humbling experience. Longing for a towel after a shower, getting into The refrigerator for food whenever I want, having a cool room to sleep in, are all little things that I am missing the most.

Riding through several cities where there are Mansions near the Lake, to a few blocks later there are buildings boarded up, homes missing windows, children playing in abandoned areas and places I must say I would be scared to walk through alone. Those small things I am missing, I know will be home for me when I return. How many of these families go each night without food in the refrigerator, no power to cool their home, etc. Those small things are big things for them. These 4 days of being part of this new Fuller family unit, I am finding that there are powers greater than I. And that this is a great mission that I am so thankful to have found and joined. Looking forward to more adventures with them and helping with the mission.

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