The Presence of God

Written by: Sue Pratt

What a day! We rode 84 miles, through a head wind that nearly pushed us off our bikes and on a road that was by no means smooth, into the quaint little town of Holly. Actually, I rode only 64 miles because I have not been well. But our tired legs and arms were reenergized once we were welcomed to the United Methodist Church that left a plethora of food for us on the counter…grapes, strawberries, lunch meat, drinks, snacks.   Then, to even delight us more, the owner of Miles Court, treated us to two rooms in her motel where we could take showers. Just expecting a shower, all of us were amazed at her generosity. In each bathroom, were towels, conditioner, shampoo, and tons of treats, to make us feel ever so welcome.   I wish I had a camera for the rest of the afternoon to take photos of most of us taking naps in the weirdest of positions and weirdest of places. A good rest was needed after today’s ride.   But everyone woke up for dinner. Once again, the United Methodist church treated us like royalty. Pulled pork, tons of salads, desserts and so much more to feed our hungry tummies.

The long ride and the good rest gave me much time to reflect on the presence of God. He was out there ever moment, giving each of us the strength to pound those pedals mile by mile. He was in each of our hearts as we encouraged each other on, whether it be a simple phrase or by pulling them through the wind for what seemed miles on end. He was in the community of Holly as they treated us like family, with so much grace, friendship and generosity. He is present right here and now, giving us strength to ride 107 miles to our next destination of Cimarron. Thank you God for just being!


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