The Ragman

Written by: Brian Niedert

It was hard to believe the ride was coming to a close as we made our way to Tougaloo College today in gusty head winds – the kind that make me wish I were back in West Texas.

This morning’s pre-ride devotional was particularly moving… the story of “the ragman.” The story is an illustration of what Christ has accomplished and continues to accomplish through his people. The ragman goes about, giving of himself, until there is nothing left to give but his own life. Death in this case is not the end of the story. This ‘ragman’ is brought back to life and offers the opportunity for those who would follow him and his way to experience the same victory over the grave. His offer is to surrender one’s own life and prerogative for his purposes; to give of oneself for the sake of the world.

Reminded once again, with a tear in my eye, of the great sacrifice Jesus made for me, as he gave of himself willingly and replaced my filthy ‘rags’ with clean white clothes, I set off with immense gratitude and resolve to give freely and follow.

And follow we did!

So many riders today pulled together and worked as a team to make the ride into the headwinds bearable. Many groups rode in pace-lines, each taking turn at the head of the group, like a locomotive engine, pulling the rest behind. Despite fighting heavy headwinds for roughly 70-miles I averaged my highest speed of the entire trip.

And now it is almost time for dinner at the presidents’ house here at the college. Millard Fuller, founder of the Fuller Center for Housing established a scholarship for students of this school. The mealtime together here is always shared with great honor and affection. I’m sure tonight will prove to be no different.

What a blessing it has been to share God’s grace, peace and hope this week!

Going with Him all the way,


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