Numbers, amazing as they may be, don't tell the whole story
June 22, 2023

By Tiffany Ellis

Ride Day 21 — Stafford Springs, CT to Kittery, ME
~1200 miles
21 ride days
12 states
3 build days
2 ride days and 1 build before the Tour De Light — East Coast 2023 ride concludes.
Numbers and statistics, facts and figures — data is fun! But it’s not the mileage nor the feet climbed kindling the hope, love, and joy I’m experiencing on this trip.
It’s the light warming and radiating faces of fellow teammates after wishing them a good morning. It’s the big and small ways fellow teammates have graciously helped me — whether offering to check and fix a broken cleat or offering to take my plate to the kitchen after dinner. I’m moved by the friendships being forged on this journey. I’m truly thankful for the church families and volunteers who’ve partnered with us through our journey.

I am deeply thankful.

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we love Our sponsors!

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