Pineapple fountains and BBQ
May 31, 2023

By Tim DeClue

We left Walterboro with fond memories of Southern BBQ and quiet, peaceful mornings.

The work day was an incredible success both in what we did and the rest from riding it provided.  The morning of our trip to Charleston arrived and we circled up.  After some quick safety reminders and a devotional about how God’s love extends to all, we were off!

At our first sag stop we met a new friend who opened up her business to us so we could enjoy some AC and bathrooms!  After about 55 miles and a lot of traffic, we reached the outskirts of Charleston.  We gathered together in a parking lot and after more safety tips we were escorted by Officer Bruce over the T. Allen Legare Bridge and the beautiful Bethel United Methodist Church became our overnight home!  

The food was excellent (spaghetti and salad as the main course with lots of leftovers from Walterboro), and the facility was spacious and welcoming.  Most of the team took advantage of being near Charleston’s downtown to walk to the City Market, St. John the Baptiste Church, the Pineapple Fountain and the pier looking toward Fort Sumter.  The history of this great city was not lost on anyone—this was where the U.S. Civil War began, and we still feel the effects of that great conflict in our society even today.

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we love Our sponsors!

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