Orlando Build Day

By: Mike Rutherford
Our first day together on the Tour de Florida allowed us to serve Mustard Seed of Central Florida and spend some time riding and walking around Orlando.
Our service project on this trip was to build dressers for families who need furniture for daily living. It fits well with Fuller’s goal to eliminate substandard housing since we could provide furniture for needy families. We built 18 dressers on Saturday and by the end of the project we were finely tuned furniture building machines.
The rest of the day was spent preparing to ride. We finished our orientation and then had a shakedown ride with the bikes to make sure everything was working properly. Several team members chased down the final bike shipments and our final team members joined us on Saturday evening. Everyone settled in early for the night in preparation for a week of riding. 
Sunday promises to end at the beach as we ride across Florida to Cocoa Beach. We should have multiple days ahead of beach side riding and hopefully plentiful sunshine.
Pray for safe travels, a nice tailwind, sunshine, and friendly faces as we head down Florida and spread the word of the Fuller Center.

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