Written by: Mark Murphy

I’ve found that transitions in life tend to be daunting.  Whether it is getting married, getting unmarried, new job, addition of kids, sending kids off, going on an adventure, etc.  While many of these transitions are joyous, they still cause me (and I’d imagine a lot of other people) some level of angst.  Transitions call for goodbyes – something frankly I suck at – for hello’s and the hope of acceptance.  They require you to step into the unknown and make you rely on faith and a whole lot of personal gumption. Those people that know me might be surprised that this loud mouth has issues with transitions and acceptance … although perhaps those that observe most closely will understand my front of Mr. Funny is probably more of a defensive response.


This last week I left my buddies from the Park & Peaks adventure and joined up with the Seattle to DC crew, after 2,200 miles together we were really a tight knit community. Initially, I had all of the typical transition issues: Would I be liked? How would I remember all the names?  Would I like them?  Funny thing about a Fuller Bicycle Adventure is that the people are pretty much the same: down to earth, loving, committed, silly, and, of course, cyclists.   I still miss my P&P brethren, but I am very happy and comfortable with my new Fuller team and excited to be part of them.


Viva Transition!!

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