Unexpected relationships

Written by: Bob Wenger

Earlier this week during morning devotions my fellow cyclist spoke about mundane moments in our lives that very well could be an open door to recognize a situation of a person that is seeking help. As I was riding the first Monday morning of our bike trip, I came upon the two youngest cyclists, Erin and Zach, looking at a flat tire. Little did I know that from this moment on these two were going to change the plans I had and God’s plan for me to have a relationship with these two young cyclists that I never saw coming.

After we fixed the flat, I suggested we ride together to the next rest stop to add more air. We rode the rest of the day and went our separate ways when arriving at the church. The next morning after devotions I was walking away to go to my bike, when I heard two voices say in unison, “Bob, come ride with us.”

Since that moment, we have become good buddies while riding, eating and just hanging out. I’m so glad I took the moment to help fix a flat tire that is going to lead a relationship for many years to come.



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