Unsung heroes
June 22, 2022

By Jeff Gabriel

The Fuller Center Bike Adventure would not happen without our “SAG” crew.  SAG stands for support and gear.  

One of the functions of the SAG crew is to man the periodic rest stops for the riders. The rest stops occur about every 20 miles during each ride. At the rest stops, riders can get something to eat and refill their water bottles.  They can also shed some of their cycling clothing as the day warms up. 

There are two SAG teams on each Fuller ride. The SAG teams for the 2022 cross country ride include Dan and Cindy Hepp riding the van and trailer, and Pam Vanhoose with the car.  Also assisting them are the Fuller summer interns, Becky and Jessica. 

The trailer also allows the riders access to some cycling equipment, such as extra tires, which can be great if needed. The SAG folks also do much more for the Bike Adventure like transporting luggage and food items, shopping for food and other things, and giving rides to/from transportation centers for riders joining and leaving the ride.

In the Fuller tradition, let’s give them a big “OYEE”!

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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