We're on the back side of the ride now
July 6, 2022

By Gary Schroeder

A little over six weeks ago we left Seaside, Oregon for Sebago, Maine. Everybody could see from the map on the back of their shirts and jerseys where we were starting and where we were scheduled to end but nobody was really worried about Maine.  It was so distant that worrying about anything more than tomorrow’s ride seemed like fantasy.

Now, here we are with just over three weeks to go and it’s starting to sink in that as fast as the first six weeks went, the whole journey is going to be over before we know it. It’s interesting to see the realization creep in that although the trip seemed endless when we started there really is an end and we are approaching it rapidly. Soon there with be the “This is the last Monday,” then the “last Tuesday” until we get to “there are no more cue sheets after today.” 

It’s interesting to see how realizing the end is approaching is affecting all of us. Although some feelings vary from rider to rider based on their expectations, there are also some very common feelings based on the fellowship we have experienced and the close bonds that has produced. There are the obvious feelings of elation at accomplishing a goal—whether to ride all the way across the country or being a segment rider doing more than a one-day ride at home for the first time. But there’s also a sadness that the closeness we have developed is going to end.   

The closer we get to the actual end of the road, the more we’ll savor each moment. We’ll realize we’ve made true life-long friends and have shared an experience that has truly changed us all.

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we love Our sponsors!

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