What do you think of joining the Bike Adventure?
May 27, 2022

By Carrie Daiker

Cyclist Carri Daiker invites you to join the Bike Adventure. Let’s hear about her favorite parts of the adventure so far!

Just imagine….
Being on a journey with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure!
Inviting friendships, churches, and incredible scenery!
Keeping pace with other riders and staff who will 
Encourage you the WHOLE WAY!
A time to invest in others and yourself! Being a part of building homes and projects that will affect other’s lives for years to come!
Do you have a dream to see your county, state, or country up close?
Venturing into new cities, meeting new people, enduring challenging circumstances that will help you grow, developing new skills on building projects and on your bicycling days?
Exciting scenery! Imagine riding alongside strong rivers, seeing snow covered mountain tops, a coyote running in a forest, sheep being sheered in a field!
New adventures every day!
Time to relax as you cycle, enjoy the pace.
Umm, what do you think?
Riding with Fuller Center is becoming part of a fantastic team, developing close friendships that last
Enduring into future friendships, future rides! 
Are you coming?

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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