What should I blog about?

Written by: Dave Maidt


So, here I am, on my knees, in a strange bathroom, sprawled across a toilet bowl, with a crow bar in my hand, prying tackless strip from the back corner of the floor behind the bowl, thinking to myself, ‘darn, I gotta Blog tonight.’ What in the world could I blog about? As the SAG (Support Aid Gear) driver I’ve never blogged on any of my previous 4 FCBA trips before. What could I possibly blog about?

I could blog about the house we were working on today as part of our Build Day. The local Fuller affiliate bought the house and is renovating it for a new deserving owner. The house has mold issues so we were removing two layers of carpeting, tackless strips, and baseboards so a professional contractor can remediate the mold. The new homeowner is working with us, even though she had just had a round of Chemo the day before. She is looking forward to the day she can move in.

I could blog about the trailer home where one of our work crews built decks on the front and back of her home. Previously, the owner had to climb a temporary ladder to get into the front of her home. The back door was unusable because outside there was a 3 ft drop to the ground. At the end of the day, we drove by and there was the happy homeowner out on her brand new front deck reading a book. She was so ecstatic and appreciative for the work we had done. She could now get into her house so much easier and she could sit outside and be a part of her local community because of the work we had done.

I could blog about what it’s like to be a SAG driver. How being a SAG is like being the proverbal shepherd. Only instead of looking after a flock of sheep, I’m looking out for my gaggle of cyclists, keeping them fed and watered, and rescuing them when they get lost or tired. I gotta say, these cyclists are a strange lot of people. They selflessly bike mile after mile, up and down hills, thru hot or cold, rain or shine, raising money, so that we can fix strangers’ homes and improve their lives, just like we did today for several homeowners in the Kellogg, ID area.

So, here I am, not really sure what to blog about today. So many choices. I’ll have to think about it some more. I need another toilet bowl to sprawl over. When I finally make up my mind, I’ll let you know.

SAGMASTER- 3rd Class

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