Who, What, Why?

Written by: Macy Holsinger

Who? What? Why????

Wide array of ages, backgrounds, and experiences coming together to ride their bicycles from Nashville, TN to Jackson, MS because they love more than riding their bikes, they love serving one another and the communities they encounter.

The very first day of the Adventure was a great testament of this. Before we even had orientation or knew everyone’s names, we were fellowshipping with a local church and working together to improve the safety and quality of two ladies’ homes in Nashville.

Seeing complete strangers extend grace and kindness to another makes my heart sing with joy. Hearing one man gently teach another how to use a particular tool and do a job with excellence reminds me of how gently Christ teaches us.

Oh to have the words to share just how much I enjoy being with this ‘family’! May God be glorified in and through our efforts and may you be encouraged as you hear our stories!




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