Working Towards a Goal

Written by: Holly Huelskamp 

What happens when you mix different age groups, different cultures, male and female, different states of origin and add bikes, desire to serve others, a need for adventure, and community style living? That’s what I have had the privilege of experiencing this past week with Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

People from all walks of life working together for one common goal…. To raise funds to give a hand up not a hand out to those in need of housing. They ride their bikes on average of 75 miles 5-6 days a week to raise awareness and funds to help either renovate or build homes for those less fortunate. The recipients are chosen based upon the philosophy of giving a hand up not a hand out. In addition, these bike riders also stop along their route to help work on building projects for a day. They then rely on churches and other organizations to open their facilities where they sleep on the floor. And the next day they get up at the crack of dawn and ride another 60-110 miles. The whole way riders are going from Oceanside, CA to Portland , ME. That’s 4000 miles in 10 weeks. They are reflecting Jesus’ love to the folks getting the homes but also to each other on a daily basis. I’m only here for 1 week but feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful, caring group of people that make up the 2015 Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.




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