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Cali to Carolina Bicycle Adventure map

Cali to Carolina

May 26 - August 6, 2023

When we recently asked our riders, “What would be your dream route?” a resounding theme emerged: southern Utah. Come see why.  

This route is a culmination of everything cyclists want in a cross-country ride: beautiful scenery, build days, and incredible host churches. For 10 weeks the group will experience the country by bike from the rocky shores of California to the sandy beaches of North Carolina.   

The group will have the opportunity to volunteer on 9 different build days, including two towns in Kentucky that were devastated by tornados in December 2021.

Visit national wonders like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest, Bryce Canyon, the Rockies, and Dinosaur National Monument. And experience natural treasures like stone formations, America’s lush heartland through Kansas and Missouri, the blue grass and hills of Kentucky and Virginia, and the Carolina coastal shore. 

This is the one you don’t want to miss!


10 Weeks to Choose From!

Can’t join us for the full 10 week cross-country? Pick your favorite segments and join us for as long as you can! 

Click the segment headings below to view details and day-by-day schedules.


La Jolla has been known to inspire artists for its beauty.  Let it inspire you to begin this journey with us as you head out to cross the USA.  This week will navigate away from the Pacific Ocean, over the Laguna mountain range, through red rock buttes, through the rain shadow of the southwest and the pines of Arizona.  As you emerge from the unique desert scenery, you’ll climb to the gorgeous scenes of Sedona and finish the week in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Day 1 will begin with orientation in La Jolla, CA.  As we will familiarize ourselves with other riders and group riding, we will have a short group ride to Poway, CA.  Known as the city within the country, Poway offers relaxing lakes, trails, and views and will be the point where longer days in the saddle begin.  

Arrival Airport- (SAN) San Diego International.

Departure Airport- (FLG) Flagstaff Pulliam International Airport.


Hello, Segment 2! Once segment riders have arrived, we’ll host our weekly team meeting on Sunday night. We will both recap the week’s ride, and plan for the week ahead.  

This will be a week of National Treasures.  See the beauty of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Dixie National Forest, Jacob Lake, and Bryce Canyon. A breathtaking week with only 4 scheduled days of riding.  The rest of the time is allowed for exploration.  

This week will not always be easy.  National Parks and Forest Lands are are not known for their flat landscapes.  Challenge yourself with the climbs!  This week we will also have scheduled camping around the parks, therefore enjoy evenings of sitting under the stars as you connect with your new friends.  But know this, if you decide the climbing is too much, one of our support vehicles will be there to assist.  If you have an e-bike you plan to bring on this segment, there may be challenges finding power to charge it.  

The week ends by the majestic Bryce Canyon.  

Arrival- (FLG) Flagstaff International Airport

Departure- Amtrak from Bryce City UT.


This week will be a break from the climbing of the previous week, and also have the first opportunity to build.  

Our destination is Provo, UT with a stops in Price, UT and American Fork, UT for build sites.  You will get to see, first hand, some of the families in which your fundraising helps, and work with the local Fuller Centers as they work to rebuild their communities.  

Utah, for both the builds and for riding, should be an experience like no other.  Come see for yourself.   

Arrival- Amtrak in Bryce City UT

Departure- SLC- Salt Lake City Airport  


Segment 4 brings forth another build in Craig, CO.  Build Day 3.

Many riders express concern over crossing over and through the Rockies, yet then acknowledge that, by this point in the ride, the climbing wasn’t that difficult, either due to conditioning leading up to this point, or the actual climbs.  Most days will have between 1,000 to 4,000 feet of climbing with the exception of Saturday, which has 6900 feet of climbing.  At least you have a day of rest on Sunday, plus you’ll feel legendary by the time the week is done!  

The ride will end in Glenwood CO, a town with an amusement park, bike shops and streams, along with lots of activities if you want to try exploring on your feet rather than on your seat.

Arrivals- SLC- Salt Lake City Airport

Departures- Vail Airport- EGE


Segment 5- This week starts off with a short ride into beautiful Aspen Colorado and ends in Dodge City, KS. 

Enjoy the afternoon in the mountain community of Aspen, CO before you transition over the next couple of days from the Rockies towards the descent into the Plains. 

The destination will be Dodge City, KS.  A town with a Wild West history.  Explore on your weekend and see what makes this town unique, a place in which you’ll want to “shoot” a picture or two.

Arrivals- (EGE)-Vail Airport

Departure- (DDC)- Dodge City Airport


Segment 6- Explores the Great Plains of the US traversing from Dodge City, KS to Springfield, MO, the birthplace to Route 66.  Along the way, we have 1 scheduled stop in Joplin, MO to partner with families through a build day.

The plains can be a unique experience, yet through this leg you will transition to the Kansas Flint Hills.  See the occasional stone barns and fences while traversing a rolling landscape.  Travel through Wichita KS (on July 4th) that has a long aviation history. 

Arrival: DDC- Dodge City Airport

Departure: SGF Springfield National Airport


Segment 7:  Springfield MO to Paducah KY. 

Some consider the Mississippi River an iconic halfway point, even though more than half of the trip will be complete.   Yet, it’s often still a mental milestone on this journey.  Take time to reminisce on your journey as you ferry across the mighty river.   

On the other side, see the Blue Grass countryside, travelling north and east to experience the rolling hills.

Our 5th build is this week too.  Meet families in Mayfield KY, a site of Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders who are working to serve families hit by a tornado in 2021.   

Arrival: SGF Springfield National Airport

Departure: PAH Barley Regional Airport


Segment 8:  Paducah KY to Frankfort, KY.

After traveling out of Paducah KY we have the opportunity to serve families in 2 locations this week.  Madisonville KY, which is another tornado recovery site, and Frankfort KY. 

Kentucky is rich with history and architecture.  Experience this up close as you navigate the state.  History includes civil war sites, and much more.   


Arrival: PAH Barkley Regional Airport

Departure: LEX Lexington International Airport


The Appalachian Mountains are coming, but by this time, your are ready for them with weeks of training under your belt.  Not only is this the final stretch of mountains, but also a sign you have almost completed the journey. 

Our destination is Hillsville, the site of a build on Friday, and the journey tests your training.  Climbs are typically short compared to the other mountain ranges you will have experience climbing, but steep and frequent.

The roads travelled will often be rural, tree lines and curvy for this stretch.

Arrival- LEX- Lexington International Airport

Departure- Greensboro- GSO- Piedmont Triad Airport


Segment 10 is finally here!  This is where the journey gains closure for the cycling and the realization of what’s next starts.  All the training miles done, miles journeyed and reflection of how many new friends you’ve made begin to reflect in your mind, it becomes both bittersweet and sentimental.  Here is where the mileage begins to slow down, but also we have the opportunity to serve one more family before completion.  After a short ride from Hillsville, VA, the build on Tuesday will be in Pilot Mountain, NC.

We will be leaving the Appalachian Mountains and leveling off on elevation as we come to the coast ready to dip our front wheels (and maybe more!) in the ocean in Wilmington.

This can be a tough point for some and we will offer the opportunity to share memories and reflections of the event.  Many will be impacted by the churches and builds, and its a time to unpack those events and head back to our daily lives.  How will this ride affect your future?  Come find out.  Even though we depart, many of these friends will be joining you for other rides in the future and remain friends for the rest of our lives.   

Arrival- GSO- Greensboro-Piedmont Triad Airport

Departure- ILM Wilmington International Airport.

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