Farewell to FCBA 2015

Written by: Connor Ciment

The FCBA 2015 family began their final day at the Kennebunkport Village Baptist Church. The night before we listened to some heartfelt testimonies of what this summer has meant to Monica, Clint, Mark and Jennifer. That shared gratitude for the experience, and the understanding of its impending closure lingered in the emotional tone of the morning circle. Fred delivered a devotion addressing the completion of our journey, and Everett serenaded us with a rendition of His Eye Is On The Sparrow.

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Penultimate Experiences

Written by: Fred Smoak

This is the penultimate (I almost never get a chance to use that word) blog post. It is very appropriate since today was  kind of penultimate experience. We have been riding for 10 weeks to get to the Atlantic Ocean.  Tomorrow will be the culmination of all that work as we dip our front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean after starting our ride by dipping our rear wheels in the Pacific.

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Abundant Grace

Written by: Mary Lacksen

Thank you for being a faithful follower of our ride. Your support has made us stronger.

The Fuller Center 2015 Bike Adventure is closing in on the final miles of this bike journey across the United States. Our group has faced challenges along the route – weather, mechanical failure and flat tires, uncertain road conditions and traffic, and riders pedaling and living in community for 10 weeks. But this is nothing compared to the living conditions that we witnessed along our route or that you might see where you live.

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Counting My Blessings

Written by: Carmen Cabuhay

Days 1-3 of segment 10 for me have been exciting, fulfilling, and full of memories.

On day one I was off to a great start riding with my riding buddy A.J. (You’re an excellent mentor coach Haneyman!) It is well appreciated- I know you like riding faster!

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Praying Out Loud

Written by: Sue Farris

Up until today, I haven’t ridden more than 20 miles during this 2015 biking season. First, the winter seemed to last FOREVER. Second, there was always something else that seemed to take priority. Finally, when I initially signed up for this ride, August 10 seemed like it was SO FAR AWAY and I had plenty of time to train. Somehow, I never managed to fit in the training part, but this ride is happening regardless. I was so much better prepared for the 2012 ride than this one.

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Gather Us In

Written by: Mark E. Major

I woke up in church.

If you sleep in enough churches, you’re going to get some church on you. If accomplishing nothing else, the Fuller Center has been my salvation. After seeing the beauty of humanity unfold from the hands of God as a witness as a guest in so many of His houses along this road I have taken Him to heart. I have a church at home and in recent years made great strides in understanding His mystery through study and devotion.

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Written by Renee’ McCullough

Today was an eclectic day in many ways. As we arose at the North Buffalo Community Church, there was a sense of anticipation among our group. Our destination, Niagara Falls, was a short 16 miles away – less than the distance to our usual rest stops. In fact, most people were packed up and finished with breakfast in advance of the 7 am breakfast time. Lauren’s devotion reminded us that all of our experiences together on this ride contribute to building relationships that will impact us beyond this present journey – and that we thus need to use the opportunities we have to influence each other positively.

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Endurance, Character, and Hope

Written by: Mike Rutherford

I’ve had the pleasure to rejoin my Fuller Center Bike Adventure family for the summer this year after two years of Spring Rides. Being a week rider, we face some challenges that are unique to the summer adventure; will I be able to survive the miles and heat during the summer, will I find new faces and friendships, and will I be able to make a meaningful contribution to the group and to the community as a whole? Like the other weekly riders before me on the trip we have always seemed to find a way to press through the miles and heat, the familiar faces and new friends are plentiful, and we have opportunities to bless through build days and interactions with the community. I figured by the middle of this week that I was going to focus on getting the miles completed and have a great time with my friends.

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Giving and Receiving

Written by: Dave Perry 

It is a beautiful day today just west of Buffalo, NY on the Fuller Bike Adventure. I’m stuck at the second rest stop for now as my bottom bracket seized up, and I can’t turn my pedals.  I’ve been interested in vintage bikes lately. This one really has been working great, but now it needs some serious help.

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