A Dream Come True

Written by: Macy Holsinger, Blue Ride

Have you ever had one of those days that you have vaguely dreamed about for years? Maybe a little thought here, a “oh that would be cool to do someday” there, or a “man, I want to add that to my bucket list,” various thoughts and dreams that you think about occasionally and wonder if you will ever get to do them.Continue reading

Build Day on the Blue Ride

Written by: Mike Weiser, Blue Ride

Today was the Blue Ride’s first build day.  To me, build days are what separates the FCBA from all other bike rides.  With the FCBA being a fundraiser, you not only get to see how the funds you raise are used but you get to be an active participant.

Today we worked with the Inland Northwest Fuller Center. Our group was divided among three projects: a clean-up at Lincoln St, a painting project at Hamilton St, and a painting project at Living Hope Community Church.  The Lincoln St and Hamilton St projects dealt with getting transitional houses ready for occupancy.
I was on the Living Hope project.  We put a second coat of paint on the house on the church’s property and also painted the shed.  Eventually the house will be used for offices for the church and Tiny Home Village; a community of two, twenty tiny houses transforming homeless families into homeowners.  Tiny Home Village is the brainchild of Paster Ian Robertson and is something other communities should copy.

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Overcome and Succeed

Written by: Nick Bietz, Blue Ride

The blue team is on the easter edge of the great state of Washington on this beautiful evening. Through five days of our journey we have endured rain, wrecks, mountains, detours, head winds and car issues, but through laughter, teamwork and new friendships we have overcome and even succeeded and are on the verge of our first build day tomorrow.Continue reading

Feeling Blessed

Written by: Ericka Scott, Blue Ride

This week has been a challenging but great week in Washington. I wasn’t quite as prepared for the hills we rode over this week, thus being a little more difficult than I anticipated. However, the beauty of each town we have ridden through, the mountains we’ve gone over, and the rivers we’ve seen have been spectacular!!!

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The Drone Takes Flight!

Written by: Kelley Westenhoff, Blue Ride

Today the blue ride’s own Nate Stroempl got to send his baby aloft tracking a rider. Rider Nick Bietz rode up and down Rt 2 with the remote in his backpack, the drone hovering above him the entire time. Like an anxious parent, Nate watched intently, hoping the fledgling would find its way back.Continue reading

Challenge and Reward

Written by: Kendall Clements, Blue Ride

Today confirmed my decision to ride with the Fuller Center all summer long. I realize it’s a bit early to say that, but today was the perfect combination of challenge and reward. Continue reading

Reflections on Day One of the Blue Ride

Written by: Jennifer Wells, Blue Ride
This is my third year riding with FCBA and today was the first day for the Blue route.  Last year a typical morning with this group for me was to get up about 45 minutes before breakfast, rush around getting dressed, putting my belongings into my bag, getting my bag out to the trailer to be hauled to the next town or city, do my chore if I have one (I did today), eat breakfast and put sunscreen on almost simultaneously, pump up my tires, get my Garmin ready and prepare for our morning team meeting and devotion.  After all this, I am ready to dash out and get going.

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Another Year, Another Family

Written by: Rick Nowlin, Blue Ride

I heard of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure in 2014 and decided to ride the whole way, a trip of 4000 miles. I found that I created such a large family with the other riders that I had to sign up for another week this year. My family just got bigger due to the returning 2015 riders, adding the new 2016 riders.Continue reading

The Ideal Century Ride

Written by: Ryan Iafigliola, Orange and Blue Ride

From the cherry orchards of Wenatchee, to the desert canyons of Coulee, and the wheat fields of Wilbur, today was another amazing ride. Gorgeous, awe-inspiring beauty all along the way, but that wasn’t even the best part. The best part was…the tailwind! A swift wind pushing us along, making the climbs a bit easier, and the flats a breeze.Continue reading