Quiet Radicalism and My Journey to the Fuller Center

Written by: Henry Downes, 2016 Whole Way Rider, 2017 Cross-Country Trip Leader

Summer 2016 was a productive season for me. I logged 3500 miles and over 100,000 feet of elevation as a rider with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure’s journey from Seattle to Washington, D.C., made many wonderful new friends along the way, and developed some truly superb tanlines. I visited national parks and capital cities, helped de-shingle and re-shingle a house in one day, and enjoyed the quirks and treasures of Small Town America. Oh, and I also dropped out of grad school and stumbled right into my dream job…with the Fuller Center for Housing!Continue reading

Being a Light

Written by: Jessica McClain, Orange Ride Media Specialist

It was roughly a year and a half ago when I stumbled upon the Fuller Center online and decided to apply for their media internship. At the same time, I happened to be studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador, and volunteering at a non-profit called Extreme Response. Extreme Response worked in many capacities throughout the city of Quito, but I was placed at a city dump, caring for children during the day while their parents worked the only job they could get: sorting the city trash.Continue reading

A Faith-Filled Journey

Written by: Gloria Mesick, Orange Ride

As I sit outside this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, I reflect on what this journey has meant to me. I am happy to be heading into the last week of our ride knowing that I will be going home to my family and my own bed and shower each night, yet sad to know that I may never see some of these people I’ve grown so close to this summer.Continue reading

Nearing the End

Written by: Sue Pratt, Orange Ride

What a blessing that it is my day to blog today! Connor opened the day with a devotion that really touched my heart. I have known Connor for since last year’s bike trip. I also have been on eight of the bike trips, experiencing each of the five leaders.   Connor has truly been a stellar leader. He is extremely passionate, transparent, inspirational, confident and always remained calm. I am so touched by his love for the Fuller Center, his words of wisdom, his wit and his charm. Thank you Connor for all you have done. You do not realize how many lives you are transforming, not only the lives of those we offer a helping hand to, but to the lives of each of us. I think of the days we have had tough terrain, labyrinths of bike paths, inclement weather and injured cyclists. Nothing seems to discourage you. You resolve all with such grace and charm, sometimes designating things to others, other times, resolving the issue by yourself. Yes, Jessica you have been his shoulder to lean on. Thank you as well. I am getting to the point on this trip where I realize it will soon be over. The memories will remain forever. Yes, you could be in an office designing some new device or holding a meeting.   but, you have a chosen an unordinary path, a path that lives the definition of success.Continue reading

It Was Never About the Miles

Written by: Brianna Kelly, Orange Ride

“It was never about the miles anyway.” This was one of my closing statements in my last blog. Ironically, this philosophy has been put to the test. 10 days ago, I crashed my bike as we were biking to Peoria, Illinois. I got a concussion, 6 stitches, some nasty bruises and some road rash too. Everything has healed up very well. The only problem is that my dizziness, and sometimes vertigo, just won’t go away! So, I’ve been riding in the van.Continue reading

Expectations and Growth

Written by: Bill Heim, Orange Ride

What I was expecting when I started The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure ride was a nine-week bicycle ride across America—nothing more, nothing less. It is the longest ride, to date, that I have ever done. At most, I hoped it would push me a little.Continue reading

The Spirit of Giving

Written by: David Johnson, Orange Ride

I joined The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure this past week, after a few work-related delays. The first few days of riding, unless you have been training, you pay for your lack of preparation. My first day was only fifty miles; then, I called it a day, but the second day, I wanted to ride the entire route with the group. There is a big difference between a fifty-mile ride and a seventy-six-mile ride.Continue reading

What We Saw on Segment 7

Written by: Lori Harrison, Orange Ride

Our sons (ten-year-old twin boys, who are participating with us this year on the one week segment) asked us what we would see on our Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. Well, what we saw on the “Segment 7” route from Peoria, IL to Indianapolis, IN was corn, soybeans, turbines, farms, corn, soybeans, turbines, farms, and so on. In reality, though, we saw so much more than that!Continue reading

Pedaling Away

Written by: Steffani Zavala, Orange Ride

Hello, readers! I’m connecting with you again from West Lafayette, IN. We came from Paxton, IL this morning, hoping that the storms wouldn’t follow us on the road—they didn’t! We started the route near a lovely little path that we followed for several miles. It was a relatively smooth ride for the rest of the way that took us out of Illinois and into Indiana, a surprisingly anticlimactic moment. We were looking for a state welcome sign, but all we saw were the words “Indiana State Line” on a rather small, green sign.Continue reading

A Weekend in Indianapolis

Written by: Ben Rivers, Orange Ride

The weekend in Indianapolis was fabulous—family reunion time! My wife, Kathy, traveled by way of her home state, Pennsylvania, to spend time with me. I am truly loved. We were able to spend time with our niece, Lori, and her husband, Josh, and participate in preparation for and celebration of their first child expected in September. They are ready and certainly will make wonderful parents.Continue reading