How do you….

Written by: Macy Holsinger

How do you tell those who ask, “How was your summer?” How do you explain the feelings, the emotions, the little moments, the day to day grind, the early mornings, the long days, the exhilaration, the pain, the thrill? How do you tell them that 21+ perfect strangers have become like intimate family at the end of nine weeks? How do you recount all of the ways that God provided time and time again? How do you help them grasp the sights, the sounds, the smells? How do you describe the countless meals and snacks provided by generous souls? How do you help them visualize the never-ending list of daily chores that keep the ride moving forward? How do you illustrate the spectacular sunrises and sunsets? How do you explain what it feels like to be pelted by sleet and roasted by the sun? How do you convince someone that a build day full of hard work still feels like a day off? How do you help people believe that sleeping on an air pad really is comfortable? How do you tell why sharing a dinner table with 20 other people is pure joy? How do you compress all of the memories of a wonderful summer on the back of a bike with people you love into one little blog?

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When your Garmin fails

Written by: Jennifer Wells

Every morning we gather up and review the route for the day, discuss any pertinent information, and do our devotion. This day was no different. So after our circle up I struck out on my bicycle with my Garmin. I turn right, left or go straight whenever my Garmin tells me to do so. My Garmin is my bike friend and has reliably gotten me to all my destinations for the last three to four years. I have ridden over 10,000 miles with my Garmin. I trust my Garmin. This day I am going to tell you about was different.

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Shaping reality

Written by: Kian Ellis

Once upon a time, René Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher, found himself searching for a phrase that could not be doubted. The phrase he came up with was “cogito ergo sum” which means “I think, therefore I am.” This phrase could not be doubted because something that doesn’t exist can not ponder its own existence. And while the main purpose of this phrase might simply be to speak with utter confidence, to me the logic behind it makes some heavy implications.

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Americus’ grand welcome

Written by: Ryan Iafigliola, Founder of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure

Whew, what a day!

Eight weeks ago I was with this incredible team of volunteers when they pushed off the coast in San Francisco. The routine was new. The miles felt long. The other riders felt like little more than strangers. Only able to join for a week, I left in Nevada.

Now, here we are seven weeks later, and I’m back joining them for a day. Now they’re a team! They’re strong! Now I’m the one huffing and puffing to keep moving along. The rain we got this morning hardly even fazed them. They’ve got the routine down pat, and they know each other all too well. That’s exactly how we like it, and it’s awesome to see.

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Journeying with the FCBA

Written by: Mike Wieser

Today we entered Georgia, our twelfth and final state to cycle in this summer. There are just five ride days remaining on our FCBA cross-country journey. If one listens hard enough, I think you can hear the Atlantic Ocean calling out our names.

At the conclusion of this year’s ride, I will have ridden more than 15,000 miles with the FCBA. I love the mission of the Fuller Center, participating in the build days, seeing where the money I raise/donate goes and how it impacts families and communities.

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Simple delights

Written by: Ruth Waite

On Monday, July 24 we arrived in Newton, MS for our last night in Mississippi before heading into Alabama the next day. When I arrived around 2:00 pm, after a 72 mile ride, I saw on our whiteboard that at 3:30 we were going to have a trip to get frozen yogurt. It was slightly later than 3:30, but not much, and we rounded up people who wanted to go to Mr. Mike’s Frozen Yogurt shop.

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Alabama love

Written by: Grace Kyle

I’m back in the beautiful humidity of an Alabama summer, and it just feels good and right. The “coming home” feelings overwhelm me as the rolling hills, tall pines, and blossoming crepe myrtles invite me in. It feels good and right when I realize I really do love the place that’s home. What a gem! What a treasure!

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A FCBA cyclists’ prayer

Written by: Mark Murphy

Lord, thank you for allowing me to participate in the experience of a lifetime.

Thanks for providing 3,600 miles of vistas and the ability to see the glorious flora and fauna of this great land.

Thank you for giving me 25 new family members to care for and love.

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Vision: do we have the eyes to see?

Written by: Cheryl Shattuck

In preparing for this journey, I was riding on the Derry/Windham rail trail. This is one of my favorite places. Most of the trail is under a canopy of trees. One feels very secluded from the businesses and residential areas nearby.

This particular day, I was confronted with the sights and sounds of major construction. The canopy had been ripped wide open. Construction vehicles of all sizes and sounds were invading the peace and serenity I had taken for granted. Initial shock gave way to anger. And then a thought occurred to me that changed everything.

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