A Crescent Moon

Written by: Jessica McClain

After my sophomore year of college, I spent two months working in Peru. For the first time in my life, I was exposed to radically different people, different places, different cultures, and a different view of poverty. It was completely life altering, and forever changed the way that I look at the world.

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What are we riding for?

Written by: Joseph Kelly

I am new to FCBA just this week. I arrived in Santa Barbara last Saturday to ride down to San Diego. My sister did the cross-country route last year and dragged me into the adventure and the mission. After stops in Oxnard, Northridge, Huntington Beach, and Vista, we are ready for our final ride into San Diego and I have a better idea of why we are riding! 

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Written by: Naomi Reyes

Where do I even begin.  This journey has held nothing back.  Coming in with zero experience on a road bike, I was so nervous.  When I arrived at the Santa Barbara church, I muttered under my breath, “What am I even doing here.  I have no idea what I’m doing.”  I felt unsure about everything I knew about myself and my mind just started racing between thoughts of, I won’t be able to do this, people will think I’m so dumb, I do not belong here.  Regardless, I unpacked the car, alone, dragging out the time before I had to finally commit. Continue reading

Hipster Jesus

Written by: Pete Perkowski

Today had us traveling from Santa Cruz to King City in the heart of California’s central valley where all sorts of fruits and vegetables are grown.  The temperatures in the valley rocketed up to 107 by the middle of the day, and the road surfaces were very rough for some long stretches from all the heavy farm equipment and trucks that travel them.  The day was still a pleasure though, as we had beautiful views of mountains to either side of us and a tailwind to help propel us through many of the 95 miles. Continue reading

Old and New

Written by: Dan Zazzick

Another day on the ride.  Where did we start?  Where are we going?  Day after day the details blend together.  It’s amazing how something so filled with memorable events, people, and landscapes can smash together and create confusion in my brain.  But each day we rise, we ride, and we sleep.  Now almost three weeks into the ride to routine is set and the pattern is understood.  The variations come in the miles, the climbs, the views, the churches, and of course the meals.Continue reading

Oh, What A Wonderful Day!

Written by: Dan Sheridan
What a wonderful day of riding!
It was a short day, but challenging because of the heat and the hills. We attended services at our host church, All Saints Lutheran Church, where guest pastor Susan Strouse inspired us with a wonderful sermon.

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A Fuller Day

Written by: Steffani Zavala

Luke and I are back for another adventure with The Fuller Center!  We joined the group in North Bend, OR and by the end of our ride today, we have successfully made it to Redway, CA, about 200 miles from San Francisco. This morning started like any other FCBA morning: hot coffee (yes!), cereal, oatmeal, bananas, air pump hisses, and the clip-clopping of bike shoes on asphalt.

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What…the duck?

Written by: Mark Major

I’m often asked that question so let me answer it here. The short of it: just a whim. The long of it: we were on the FCBA 2013 Summer ride in Moore, OK. That year a series of tornados destroyed the area one month before, so they were experiencing overwhelming need as well as support. Unfortunately the two rarely intersect perfectly, so volunteer labor gets it done.

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Team Game

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth    

Today we crossed into California, which is a milestone for FCBA folks. We love our state line signs! We had a much appreciated day of sunshine, tailwinds, and the beautiful southern Oregon coastline. It was definitely one of the best days of cycling I have ever had. (So far). Continue reading