TIFFANY ELLIS: Numbers don’t tell the whole story

Numbers, amazing as they may be, don't tell the whole story
June 22, 2023

By Tiffany Ellis

Ride Day 21 — Stafford Springs, CT to Kittery, ME
~1200 miles
21 ride days
12 states
3 build days
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BOB WENGER: Rolling along the rolling hills of Connecticut

Rolling along the rolling hills of Connecticut
June 20, 2023

By Bob Wenger

Let me introduce myself,  my name is Bob Wenger and I’m from a small town in eastern Pa called Terre Hill. This is my 4th Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

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PATTY FRONBERRY: A first-timer’s perspective

A first-timer's perspective
June 16, 2023

By Patty Fronberry

As a first time rider on a Fuller Adventure, all I can say is that is has been an amazing experience!

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JACKIE ROUSE: These rides with my “Fuller Family” restore my faith

Riding with my "Fuller Family" restores my faith
June 14, 2023

By Jackie Rouse

Each new day brings a new adventure with FCBA!

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PAUL WESNER: No better way than this to see my home state

No better way to see my home state
June 2, 2023

By Paul Wesner

We had the most beautiful ride. In my home state I have driven this area many times up  through the hilly areas through Jerome, but never by bicycle.

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GARY SCHROEDER: Many reasons to be a returning rider

Many reasons riders return
June 13, 2023

By Gary Schroeder

We’re now beginning Week 3 of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure East Coast ride and it’s becoming clear there are almost as many different motivations for being here as there are riders.

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BRANDON MARTIN: So much for the fearsome forecast

From fearsome forecast to beautiful weather
June 12, 2023

By Brandon Martin

It was projected to be a dark and stormy day on our 80 mile journey to Pocemoke, yet the weather was fantastic.

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JONATHAN BARRINGER: Changing gears as needed

Changing gears as needed
June 7, 2023

By Jonathan Barringer

My name is Jonathan Barringer & this is my 4th Fuller Center ride!

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MARK MURPHY: A great way to honor those we’ve lost

A great way to honor those we've lost
June 6, 2023

By Mark Murphy

Today’s destination was one I was particularly looking forward to, I have a lot of wonderful memories of Washington, NC.

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JENNIFER MEDGULL: An honor to keep these riders rolling along

An honor to keep these cyclists rolling along
June 5, 2023

By Jennifer Medgull

Doug Bradbury is famous in the world of mountain biking. He said, “The best rides are the ones where you bite off more than you can chew and live through it.” For readers who wonder how in the world these cyclists live through it, I’m sharing a support team member’s perspective today. 
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