Neil Mullikin: Were we really taking a detour?

Were we really taking a detour?
October 10, 2022

By Neil Mullikin

Today we had to navigate a detour set up by the Natchez Trace Parkway and instead of it being a letdown, it ended up being a treat.

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Mike Lumley: A good start

Mike Lumley: A great start
October 11, 2022

By Mike Lumley

The Natchez Trace Orientation Day was lots of fun, laughter and learning.

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Dan Hepp: Orientation day on the Trace

A great start at Shady Grove
October 9, 2022

By Dan Hepp

The families of the Shady Grove United Methodist started us off with a huge breakfast consisting of several egg dishes, grits, danish and rolls, and other treats.

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Jeff Sayers: From a bike to a hike


By Jeff Sayers

We left Pastor Randy and Parkway Baptist Church In Houston MS close to 8 a.m.
These folks made us feel so welcome and important but also made us feel like old friends.

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Karen Bacot: Beautiful weather to ride before a work day

Perfect weather precedes build day
Oct. 11, 2022

By Karen Bacot

Today’s ride was 80 miles ( 82 for me since I missed a turn and Eldon chased me down).

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Janet Gardner: Building community & communities

Ready to build community & communities
October 7, 2022

By Janet Gardner

Builder cyclists from all over the United States converged at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church today. Neil Mullikin will be leading the crew.

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Neil Mullikin: Perfect way to end the week

A perfect way to end a week on the Trace
October 12, 2021

By Neil Mullikin

This trip from Tougaloo College to Natchez was a sunny and beautiful ride. October became a nice time to ride that section without a threat of a storm in sight.

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Diane Bies: Sunday on the Trace

Sunday on the Trace
October 4, 2021

By Diane Bies

We started our day by attending the church service at Duck River Methodist Church. It is always uplifting to see how our hosts celebrate. After service we started the ride on wet roads but no rain. There were drizzles off and on during the day but no major rain or storms. That makes a good day. Several cyclists took the short walk to Jackson Falls, a beautiful little falls not far from the church and right off the Natchez Trace.
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Dena Strehlow: Beginnings, bridges and bananas

Beginnings, bridges and bananas!
October 3, 2021

By Dena Strehlow

We rode out as a group from Trinity Lutheran Church at 10am, following breakfast, orientation, and prayer. Trace veterans provided useful tips and rookie riders listened intently.

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A Leap Forward

A Leap Forward
Monday April 26, 2021

By Neil Mullikin

Hooray!! We made it to Natchez!  It was a huge success after both storms and COVID had put forth so many hurdles over the last 3 years.  Natchez was such a welcome site to all of us.

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