The Secret to Sweeping

Written by: Jack Cutler


Today I rode the entire way with my new friend JW on a century (100 miles) journey from Beach ND to Hebron ND. Normally on a Fuller ride, we all ride at our own pace, and although we will often ride with fellow Fuller riders who travel at the same pace, we may not ride the entire day with the same people. In fact, sometimes we ride alone for some or all of the ride. So what was so special about the way I rode during today’s ride? Today JW and I rode together the entire way because we were the “sweeps” for the day.Continue reading

Discovering new insights

Written by: Diane Maidt

Eastern Montana is not flat. My husband, Dave and I have backpacked in western Montana and I always had the impression that eastern Montana was flat and dry. Today we biked from Miles City to Baker with an elevation gain of 3,800 feet. We started the day with 800 feet of elevation gain and saw hills and trees in the distance. I pondered as I rode how this relates to other things in our lives. We get impressions of people or places that stick unless we really get to know them.

As we got closer to Baker it did get a little flatter. I climbed a big bale of hay to celebrate our getting near the town. Then, we had another surprise. We found out that there is an oil industry around Baker.

We had a warm reception in Baker. The Baker Assembly of God church provided a wonderful barbeque dinner with lots of homemade salads and desserts for us. It was fun to meet and talk with one of the local women, Sherry, who had just completed a cross country ride from San Diego, California to St. Augustine, Florida. Two of the church members, Allen and Marissa, took a few of us on an informative tour around the area explaining how the equipment we could see in the fields extracted the oil.

One of the fun things about these trips is getting to meet the friendly people in the communities where we stay and find out what they do and what is happening in their communities. Another fun thing is discovering new insights about the areas we ride through.


Newbie to FCBA

Written by: Alice Myk


We have completed three weeks of our 10 week adventure. Once I got over the cozy creative sleeping arrangements and laundry duty, the fun finally began! Riding my bicycle everyday is so relaxing. Then, add the beautiful landscape and you have a perfect day!Continue reading

The Land of Enchantment

Written by: Karl Trimmer

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.  It surely has been that for the riders of the Ocean to Ocean cross country tour.  We have been treated to some spectacular sights: with the bluest skies, red rock, and purple mountains, the landscape of New Mexico continues to amaze me.

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Back with the Family

Written by: Michael Wieser

The last four years I have been an all-the-way rider and the bike mechanic on the FCBA. So, this year, being a segment rider is a bit different for me. I didn’t start out with
this group in Astoria because I was on a different bike adventure when this ride started and besides I’ve ridden the sections from Billings, Montana to Astoria, Oregon and from
Waukegan, Illinois to Portland, Maine in previous years; so this year I simply decided to ride those portions that would be new to me and free up the remainder of the summer for other
things.Continue reading

Cooks and Comedy in the Courtyard

Written by: Peter Asmuth
Last night was a “stone soup” kind of meal. Because we stayed at the Valley High School, there was no church community to feed us. On such nights, the “dinner team” is responsible for buying the groceries and preparing the meal. Unfortunately, 2 out of the 3 dinner team members had to go 100 miles to a bike store for repairs. Also, the “kitchen” was actually the nurse’s office, which had a mini microwave, a refrigerator and a sink. That’s it.

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Written by: Tom Weber
Following is a list of blessings that a now 76 year old rider has realized since joining the Fuller Center Bike Adventure in 2011, participating in seven cross-country adventures, for a total of sixteen rides:
Riding my bike across this beautiful country
Realizing the blessing was not about riding the bike

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Unexpected relationships

Written by: Bob Wenger

Earlier this week during morning devotions my fellow cyclist spoke about mundane moments in our lives that very well could be an open door to recognize a situation of a person that is seeking help. As I was riding the first Monday morning of our bike trip, I came upon the two youngest cyclists, Erin and Zach, looking at a flat tire. Little did I know that from this moment on these two were going to change the plans I had and God’s plan for me to have a relationship with these two young cyclists that I never saw coming.Continue reading

Stumbled into something great

Written by: Breanna Booker

Three weeks ago I was talking to my family about my summer internship, no one really knew what I was getting myself into. At one point my mom made a joke that I was going to be spending my time with a group of people who only talk about bicycles. It’s safe to say I was more than a little apprehensive about the 10 weeks I would be spending with a group of complete strangers. I was afraid my summer would be spent keeping to myself, unable to strike a conversation since I would be the outcast among a group of bikers.Continue reading

Downhill to Holbrook!

Written by: Dan Sheridan

On this Monday morning we had our longest ride to date. After enjoying a Sunday of sightseeing in beautiful Flagstaff, we left behind the friendly Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran church and began a 50 mile downhill, dropping 2,000 feet with a brisk tailwind. We had a snack stop at an intriguing roadside rest, with buildings that perfectly suited the ridges and mesas in the area. Huge red boulders were piled in the rest area, but signs warned us to beware of poisonous snakes and insects. This cycling dream was interrupted only by flat tires, as our tires picked up small pieces of wire from shredded steel belt radial tires. We persevered, stopping to do some “Standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona”, as the line goes in the song “Take It Easy” (written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey).

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