Humor in Gila Bend

Written by: Julio Galindo

Day 6 of our cycling adventure. We rode from Dateland, Arizona to Gila Bend, Arizona for a total of 50 miles. One person woke up and had a big wet spot on his sleeping mat. He had to explain how he was startled by his alarm and knocked over his water bottle and reassured us that he did not wet the bed. When he said that, I told him not to worry about it and then I gave him a wink and he winked back; just kidding, I didn’t actually tell him that, I just wanted to add a little flavor to the story.Continue reading

Slow, Sweet & Simple

Written by: Nadine Bucca

Today we biked 67.7 miles from Yuma, Arizona to Dateland, Arizona. Something I learned today was to pace myself throughout the ride—not to use up all of my energy in the beginning, but to take it slow and then save energy for a final sprint to the finish. That’s the way to go. Continue reading

Enjoying the little things

Written by: Judy Nast

Wednesday night at the Baptist church, we had a true potluck dinner furnished by our host church. Humm, hum good.
Today has been a day of adventure, starting with breakfast burritos prepared by our team. When it was time to leave Bingen Baptist Church all  of the drains were backed-up. After diligent work by many the problem was mastered.Continue reading

A Fuller Family

Written by: Susan Pratt

Hello, my name is Susan, aka SueRex.   This is my tenth year of cycling with the Fuller Center.  It has become a part of me.  Each and every year, the routes are different, the hosts are different, and the cyclists, leader, and interns, are different.  What amazes me is the camaraderie that is built among us.  We are strangers at the beginning, but by day 4, we are already one big family. Continue reading

Making every day an adventure

Written by: Brianna Kelly 


Today after the ride, I took a hike behind the church and took a trail led through what seemed like a rainforest down to a bridge and gorgeous waterfalls. We enjoyed climbing around on the rocks below and marveling at the beauty of God’s creation. That something so different from the city could be hiding behind the church was mind blowing. This little side adventure reminded me of a conversation I once had with the trip leader Connor. What I pulled from the conversation is that there is challenge and growth and vulnerability all around us. Often the unexpected within the familiar holds the most meaningful adventures. Continue reading

Mending [the] Wall

Written by: David Chris Johnson, CPA, MBA

I made a commitment to support the Fuller Bike Adventure for 5 years and raise $15,000 to fight housing poverty. During any good relation, it’s a case of giving and receiving. My funding commitment is for their benefit, but what do I get out of this relationship? I get to spend anywhere from 2 weeks to 10 weeks with some of the finest people on this earth.Continue reading

Sweeping California Off Her Feet

Written by: Steve Falcón, Whittier, CA.
Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels, Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields. In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-oh-one. I don’t know where I’m riding now, I’m just riding on…” – Jackson Browne. (Ok, slightly modified at the end)
Monday,  June 4th.
We left the comfort of Chula Vista today and headed 49 miles east to the city of Campo, CA.  This is my first experience being part of the FCBA family, and I must say that I am very blessed to have been privileged to join them on their journey. Today was very special for me.  Normally in my regular cycling activities I am usually towards the front of the pack, rushing and racing to “get the best time.”  Today was not about that.  Today was an opportunity to serve while riding.

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Round Two

Written by: Mark Murphy 

Wow, back on the FCBA cross country ride again!!  I rode across the USA last year with this wonderful group of strangers that became friends.  I am so excited to meet the new people who have joined our merry band as well as catching up with some of the great people who have also returned from last years ride.

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To FCBA, With Love

Written by: Jessica McClain

I have been a part of FCBA in some capacity for four years now- in 2015 and 2016 as a media intern, and as full-time FCBA staff since then. I have seen blissfully easy days of 16 miles (seriously- in 2015 we had a day that was only 16 miles long for some reason) and gruelingly difficult days over mountain passes, through storms, and in sweltering heat. And yet, through all of those days in all of their diversity, we always have such a need for love to propel us through the challenge that FCBA presents.

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Angels in the O-to-O

Written by: Jim McCracken
The start of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure is a flurry of activity as people arrive the first day from all parts of the the USA, and sometimes from other countries. Greeting old friends and meeting new ones, assembling bikes that have been boxed and shipped to the starting point, beginning the process of becoming a tight-knit, efficient team that will ride across the country together building and sharing the mission of the Fuller Center.

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