Into the land of gumbo

Into the land of gumbo
March 1, 2023

By David Skinner

Today we left from Bay St Louis after staying in the comfort of St. Rose’s center.  We had our final ride out along the boardwalk along the Gulf of Mexico for about 10 miles.

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An unexpected detour around Mobile Bay

An unexpected trip around Mobile Bay
February 26, 2023

By Justin McMurtry

We had spent the night at the Lagoon Baptist Church in Gulf Shores, AL, and they graciously invited us to attend their Sunday-morning worship service at 11 AM, which we did. The service featured several very nice contemporary music sing-alongs, and a sermon that was met with great enthusiasm from the congregation.

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ROSE LAHTI: Easy, breezy ride into the land of Jimmy Buffett

An easy, breezy ride into the land of Jimmy Buffett
February 27, 2023

By Rose Lahti

Today’s ride is 42.6 miles, going from Dauphin Island, Alabama to Pascagoula, Mississippi, with an elevation gain of 400’.  Due to the flatness of the ride, even with the wind, we were all done by noon.  

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GARY SCHROEDER: Time again to ask, “What’s next?”

Time again to ask, "What's next?"
January 22, 2023

By Gary Schroeder

A short while ago,  during a trip-ending group discussion about impressions of the trip, the topic of what was next for everyone came up. Initially,  it centered on getting back to our REAL life or what Bike Adventure trip each of us was doing. 

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GARY SCHROEDER: And then there was one

And then there was one
January 20, 2023

By Gary Schroeder

It always amazes me that whether it’s a summer-long cross-country or just week-long ride on the Natchez Trace,  the idea is it’s X number of miles to the end and it seems like it’s forever away.  

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EVERETT COLLIER: Gliding through the ‘Glades

Gliding through the 'Glades
January 18, 2023

By Everett Collier

Todays anticipated 105-mile ride from Marco Island to Homestead did not  disappoint.

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MARK SHUE: A perfect ride to Tavernier

A perfect ride to Tavernier
January 19, 2023

By Mark Shue

The rooster started crowing at 4 a.m.! And the cat meowed at 5 … just to help us greet this perfect day!

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CINDY HEPP: It’s all about the relationships

It's all about relationships
January 13, 2023

By Cindy Hepp

This morning, Pastor/rider Adam gave the morning devotion. He challenged us in regards to our relationship with Jesus. Do you know Him? Do your attitudes, words, and actions reflect the right one? 

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PAUL ROUSE: Much to reflect upon riding through Ian’s wake

Much to reflect upon while riding through Ian's wake
January 16, 2023

By Paul Rouse

Today’s ride was a challenging 92 miles.  A lot of traffic so we stayed on paved trails and sidewalks when we could.

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NANCY FISH: A long stretch through Alligator Alley

A long stretch through Alligator Alley
January 18, 2023

By Nancy Fish

Today was the longest day of the second week of the Tour de Florida: 103.5 miles from Marco Island to Homestead across Alligator Alley.

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