Jim Kruse: Mundane and memorable moments

Jim Kruse: Memorable and mundane moments
June 23, 2021

By Jim Kruse

Up with the sun, gone with the wind, my friends always said I was crazy*
What’s that noise … who set their alarm so darn early…oh wait, that’s mine. 
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Anna Little: On building and biking

Anna Little: On building and biking
June 27, 2021

By Anna Little

This weekend we had our final build day, working on a few different projects in Kansas City, Missouri. Each of our build days have been unique, providing an opportunity to work on a different task each time. It has made me appreciate the process of building much more — whether you are starting from scratch, remodeling, or just doing yard work, each project has its own challenge and requires a lot of work and commitment no matter what.

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Mike Schuck: Mother Nature provides a window

Michael Schuck: Mother Nature provides a window
June 25, 2021

By Michael Schuck

Greetings from the north side of Kansas City, Missouri.   We rode 76 miles from Northside Christian Church in Warrensburg to Northland Cathedral.  The weather forecast called for rain throughout the day with a high probability of headwinds for the first half of our ride.  When we got up and looked outside this morning it was raining steadily.  All of us anticipated being wet throughout the day. 

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James Dire: Pedaling into California (Missouri, that is)

Jim Dire: Cruising into California (Missouri, that is)
June 22, 2021

By Jim Dire

Today the team pedaled from Hermann, Missouri all the way to California. You heard me right, all the way to California! California, Missouri that is. Yesterday we took the Katy Trail most of the way from St. Louis to Hermann.

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Randi Topps: Missouri’s remarkable Katy Trail

Randi Topps: Missouri's remarkable Katy Trail
June 21, 2021

By Randy Topps

St Louis, Mo. to Herman, Mo. — 82.5 miles, mostly on the Katy Trail along the Missouri River.  Fortunately the heavy storms were over before we rode today, and they left us with gorgeous , cool riding weather!

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Tony Drake: From headwinds to tailwinds

Tony Drake: From headwinds and crosswinds to tailwinds
June 19, 2021

By Tony Drake

I’m feeling the fatigue from today’s hot century ride and the consistently strong 15-20 mph head and cross winds. After setting my phone alarm for 0415, I retire early. It’ll be a back to back century tomorrow and I want to get as much rest as possible.

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Randi Topps: A break from the heat to save a turtle

Randi Topps: We brake for turtles
June 18, 2021

By Randi Topps

We made it to Illinois!   This is a special place to me because I grew up in Illinois and developed my love for cycling in the corn fields of Dekalb, where I went to college (NIU).

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James Dire: A new friend … with treats!

James Dire: The only thing better than making a new friend is making one who has ice cream bars!
June 18, 2021

By James Dire

Today the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure team cycled 106 miles from Evansville, Indiana to Mount Vernon, Illinois. We left Diane Bies behind in Evansville at her house where she hosted us overnight.

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Suzanne Stack: Hard to top this day

Suzanne Stack: Hard to top this day
June 17, 2021

By Suzanne Stack

Our day started with members of the Calhoun Baptist Church coming in at 5 a.m. to make us biscuits and gravy. The little church that could  the first and  only to serve us breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. And leave us with a very generous donation for the Fuller Center’s work.

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Diane Bies: Singing in the sunshine

Diane Bies: Singing in the sunshine
June 16, 2021

By Diane Bies

Oh the sun shine shines bright on “My Old Kentucky Home”…

(I grew up in Kentucky and it is still home in so many ways)

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