BECKY MacMINN: Rise and shine in Craig, Colorado

Rise and shine in Craig, Colorado
June 24, 2023

By Becky MacMinn

We had our 3rd build day here in Craig and split up into 5 teams to spread love through the neighborhoods.

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NEIL MULLIKIN: Lots to overcome, and we overcame beautifully

Lots to overcome, and we overcame beautifully
June 23, 2023

By Neil Mullikin

Today was a day that many of us dreaded — the longest ride of our event, 107.3 miles.  Tougher yet, this was part of a 3 day cycle where we had almost 3 centuries in a row.  

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TIFFANY ELLIS: Numbers don’t tell the whole story

Numbers, amazing as they may be, don't tell the whole story
June 22, 2023

By Tiffany Ellis

Ride Day 21 — Stafford Springs, CT to Kittery, ME
~1200 miles
21 ride days
12 states
3 build days
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HEATHER CONTORNO: Adventure continues in Colorado

Adventure continues in Colorado
June 21, 2023

By Heather Contorno

Today’s ride began in Rangely, CO. We rode 92.5 miles to Craig, CO.

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BOB WENGER: Rolling along the rolling hills of Connecticut

Rolling along the rolling hills of Connecticut
June 20, 2023

By Bob Wenger

Let me introduce myself,  my name is Bob Wenger and I’m from a small town in eastern Pa called Terre Hill. This is my 4th Fuller Center Bike Adventure.

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JAKE FINLINSON: A newcomer, but I’m already itching to return

This newcomer is already itching to return
June 16, 2023

By Jake Finlinson

This is my first Fuller bike ride, I have been watching them for some time when they would be close to where I lived so I could ride with them. This year it came two hours away I couldn’t pass up the chance to see what the Adventure was about, although I could only get my schedule to line up for one segment of the trip, it has been an awesome adventure. 

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PATTY FRONBERRY: A first-timer’s perspective

A first-timer's perspective
June 16, 2023

By Patty Fronberry

As a first time rider on a Fuller Adventure, all I can say is that is has been an amazing experience!

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RANDI TOPPS: Rolling into Provo

Rolling into Provo
June 16, 2023

By Randi Topps

We rode 84 miles mostly on freeway.  Not fun to share the road with trucks but the mountains were still fabulous. 

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JACKIE ROUSE: These rides with my “Fuller Family” restore my faith

Riding with my "Fuller Family" restores my faith
June 14, 2023

By Jackie Rouse

Each new day brings a new adventure with FCBA!

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PAUL WESNER: No better way than this to see my home state

No better way to see my home state
June 2, 2023

By Paul Wesner

We had the most beautiful ride. In my home state I have driven this area many times up  through the hilly areas through Jerome, but never by bicycle.

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