Seizing Every Moment


By: Brian Niedert

I awoke this morning to a beautiful cool morning, pleasantly surprised by the shift in winds overnight from south to north. The anticipation of riding the tailwinds out of Vero Beach was heavy on the minds of us all who fought headwinds the previous two days. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to present the morning devotional, focusing our thoughts on Jesus- The Light of the World. He was indeed, the light of the world while he was in the world. He calls us who are in the world but not of it, to be salt and light. He calls us to be light, not to draw attention to ourselves, but that others may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in Heaven. A challenge was presented to spend time daily in  the Word (which became flesh and dwelt among us) that our minds would be transformed and the light of our lives shine bright for His glory. As was fitting, we remembered on this last day of the year one our our own FCBA riders’ whose life was taken prematurely by a vehicle collision a few months prior. His life was one of shining the light of Christ wherever he went. What a sobering moment it was to reflect on how short our lives on this earth really are and how we should seize every moment to share Jesus with others.  

And off we went – headed out to West Palm Beach with the wind to our backs and temperatures never climbing out of the 70’s. The views this day were absolutely spectacular, catching frequent glimpses of sunny beaches as we rode through meticulously manicured landscapes of several golf and yacht club communities, winding our way along the back roads and scenic byways. Our destination – Holy Trinity Episcopal Church- a beautiful one-hundred year old church in the heart of the city next door to Trump Plaza.  

Being this the last night of the year, many were interested in going out to celebrate and ring in the new year. However, many of us were content in celebrating with sleep. 

All-in-all, we tried our best to bring glory to God as we let our light shine bright – finishing the year off strong.  Praise be to God! 

From First-timer to Family

By: Randi Topps

What a busy day! 
Everyone was up and bustling around before 7 am. May had finished breakfast already by 7:30.  Kudos to the breakfast crew for having food and coffee ready ahead of time! 
The Methodist minister was so happy to offer his prayers and the FUMC so generous with the use of their main building for two days!   When sweet Courtney read the story of the Rag Man you could see how it touched her heart.   Hearing this for the first time had me in tears as well.  To think that the sacrifices the rag man offered for the sake of others is exactly what Jesus was is and always will be!
My first ride with this amazing group of people was so inspiring.  Head winds today brought us even closer gathering up our strength to help each other through the ride.   When I had a flat , not only did my group of riders stop, but so did the next group until the flat was resolved and everyone knew we were safe.   
I love the helping community of the Fuller Center riders.  I am so blessed to have been welcomed into this family!

Orlando Build Day

By: Mike Rutherford
Our first day together on the Tour de Florida allowed us to serve Mustard Seed of Central Florida and spend some time riding and walking around Orlando.
Our service project on this trip was to build dressers for families who need furniture for daily living. It fits well with Fuller’s goal to eliminate substandard housing since we could provide furniture for needy families. We built 18 dressers on Saturday and by the end of the project we were finely tuned furniture building machines.
The rest of the day was spent preparing to ride. We finished our orientation and then had a shakedown ride with the bikes to make sure everything was working properly. Several team members chased down the final bike shipments and our final team members joined us on Saturday evening. Everyone settled in early for the night in preparation for a week of riding. 
Sunday promises to end at the beach as we ride across Florida to Cocoa Beach. We should have multiple days ahead of beach side riding and hopefully plentiful sunshine.
Pray for safe travels, a nice tailwind, sunshine, and friendly faces as we head down Florida and spread the word of the Fuller Center.


By Henry Downes

As we get to the end of another FCBA summer, and think of returning home to our normal lives, I’ve been reflecting on those things which make the Bike Adventure such a unique and special experience.

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A Very Just Peachy- Fcba.pnpupdate.2019.217.53.47

By Ed Vander Pol

Today is best summed up as a very just peachy ride! We started the day by making a left turn onto N Pines Road on our way out of Spokane Valley, WA and ended up in Ritzville; a ride of slightly less than two times forty-seven miles minus two times four point seven miles! The ride went slightly up or down throughout the day with an ascent of approximately four thousand seven hundred feet divided by two.

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The Last Week

By Bruce Perry

Going from Spokane Falls towards Oregon, I’m almost sad leaving our gracious host of last 2 days in Bonners Ferry. It will be exciting to watch the website for the house recipients taking possession of the home in next few months. This is especially true as we had been so closely involved working with the family on the home.

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By Jennifer Wells

Indeed we call blessed those who’ve persevered .You have heard of the perseverance of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, because “the Lord is compassionate and merciful”.

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First, but not Last

By Daryl Olson

This was my first bike adventure with the Fuller Center, but I suspect it won’t be my last, especially because of an unexpected ending, more on that later. To be honest, riding with the Fuller Center was in my initial vision an inexpensive way to undertake a supported bike tour of our great country. At the same time there is the satisfying aspect that 89% of the entry fee is going to build housing for those who cannot afford decent, safe, or sanitary housing. In order to accomplish the goal of raising substantial funds, the bike adventure is described as a “minimalist” journey. Indeed at times that is the case and one undertaking a Fuller bike adventure must be prepared to be resourceful, tough, and not expect a chocolate on your pillow! But having said that, wow, some of the dinners put on by the local churches are fantastic. Sleeping on mats within churches works well and we had a shower available every night. 

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Sweet Treat

Written by: Penny Goodwin

Today we traveled from Indianapolis to Richmond, IN.  Along my ride I was thinking about this blog and what could I possibly share about this ride.  I joined in Peoria, IL and will end in Springfield, OH on 8/1/19.


Illinois and Indiana have many things in common, but the thing that stands out to me is all the corn fields.  Both states have had heavy spring rains and therefore there is quite a range in the size of the corn plants. Since I was born and raised in southern Illinois, I have seen many fields over my lifetime and can say that some of the farmers were able to get the crop planted on time and the stalks are tall and sturdy, as can be expected.  Other farmers, unfortunately have had to wait for the ground to dry out to give the seed a firm foundation in which the roots can grow and therefore the growth is quite behind. We were blessed with a literally “sweet treat” on Friday evening when our host church in Indy prepared a hamburger cookout with a large pot of fresh sweet corn soaked in butter.  Well, maybe mine was soaked in butter. 🙂Continue reading