Giving and Receiving

Written by: Dave Perry 

It is a beautiful day today just west of Buffalo, NY on the Fuller Bike Adventure. I’m stuck at the second rest stop for now as my bottom bracket seized up, and I can’t turn my pedals.  I’ve been interested in vintage bikes lately. This one really has been working great, but now it needs some serious help.

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Enjoying God’s Creation

Written by: Melinda Holloway

Red sunrises. Blue skies. White clouds. Rolling hills. Purple flowers. Yellow flowers. Cool breezes. Green forests. Birds singing. Golden corn fields. Wandering deer. Blue-green water. Crashing waves.

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A Reason to Return

Written by: Doug Costlow

Today was the last build day of the trip, and it was a great day to serve those in need of a hand up. The local Fuller Center in Aurora, OH joined forces with the local Rotary Club, Habitat for Humanity and community volunteers to work on 11 different projects, and clean up projects were also planned at local parks. One group also went to help at a Volunteers of America Center. In all we had about 110 volunteers to work on all the projects. It was the biggest bicycle adventure build day yet!

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A Fantastic Week

Written by: Jeff Littlejohn
Week #8 was a busy week for the Fuller Center Bike Adventure… Starting with a build day in Indianapolis with “Big Car”. We also biked to Winchester, IN, Bluffton, Mansfield and finally we are in Aurora, OH.   Over the last 4 days, the group has cycled over 350 miles. Two more weeks to go!

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Being Examples

Written by: Rebecca Martinez

Today’s ride started out great with a really good devotional and message given by Lauryn about loving one another and the importance of serving others with patience and kindness. And that is what I really need on this ride since yes- I am the last rider in other than the sweeps whose “job” it is to ensure the riders are all at the final location.

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Guardian Angels

Written by: Mike Weiser 

After riding two consecutive days of 90+ miles, it was refreshing to have a short day of only 38 miles riding into Indianapolis.

For a moment, I would like to regress and go back to July 15th. We were riding from Ottawa, KS to Kansas City, MO. Around 9 AM a severe thunderstorm was moving into the area. The sky was packing heavy rain, hail, and 60-70 mph wind gusts. Dody, Eldon, and myself were only minutes from being overtaken by the storm. Suddenly there appeared a house on this rural road with a light on. Lisa Huppe came out of the house and motioned us to come in and take shelter. As we waited out the storm, we got to briefly know Lisa, her husband Gary, and son Jake. We were able to explain the mission of the Fuller Center and our individual reasons for joining. The generosity and hospitality showed by this family was incredible. Lisa even prepared breakfast for us. They were truly our Guardian Angels that day.

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Pacing Myself

Written by: Tony Campbell

“I’m getting to old for this s… stuff.” No, I’m not going to let myself say that – not yet.

After a very productive work day yesterday, I was rearing to go this morning for the first day of my single-week bike adventure. After a moving devotion by Pastor Eric, our most gracious host at Bethany Wesleyan Church Indianapolis, we were finally off. I haven’t done a full segment for 3 years, but I did train and I was ready – and we started out on some trails that I have previously ridden in Indianapolis. What I was not ready for was the mud on the Fall Creek Trail.

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Part of a Team

Written by: Kristine Olsen

Today was a beautiful day for riding through Illinois. It was a sunny day with blue skies and a high of 93 degrees. A part from a few rolling hills, we rode through pretty flat terrain. The only obstacle presented to us was some slight headwinds, but it was nothing we could not handle. We rode from Peoria, IL to Champaign, IL, which was about 94 miles total.Continue reading