Written by: Tom Weber (Geezerman)


I have had priorities on my mind for a number of months now, because of the resent injuries my son experienced on a ski slope. Faith priorities, physical priorities and character priorities. Continue reading

The Rustle

By Fred Smoak

Sometimes seemingly insignificant things can define a place or time. On these rides, every day begins with a sound I have named The Rustle. 

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Life of a SAG

Written by Cindy Hepp

Life of a SAG (support and gear) team member.  This role is not new to me, having done it for 3 other organized rides, multiple times, mainly charity in nature, plus 7 spring rides on the Natchez Trace. Each is uniquely different and with the Fuller rides, the makeup of the team puts its own twist on things. Going into this Seattle to DC ride, I prepared myself for the longer duration as best as anyone could. It has been wonderful spending time with repeat riders and getting to know the new team members. As designated “mom” by some of the riders (age not a factor), I try to cheer them on, remind them to rehydrate & fuel up, reapply sunscreen and locate possible bathroom sites. Moving riders forward or getting a reg. size tire pump to someone with a flat is also part of my day. Sometimes I am navigator for the van driver. We get in first to our destination and help unload the luggage & sleeping gear, along with coolers and snack bin. Rest stops can be tricky- I like to find shady areas or create one with van and trailer. The best are ones with views and a “real“ bathroom facilities.Continue reading

Riding on two wheels

Written By: Mylah Garlington

Riding across the United States of America on two wheels (or four when needed) is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Some days I can’t believe I’m actually doing it.  Today was one of those days that made me wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?”  I spent my 4th of July riding through the some of the most beautiful and scenic places I’ve ever seen.  We had 102.3 in the schedule.  It sounds like a radio station.  Instead of songs in a row, it was miles in a row.  I volunteered as sweep for the ride.  That gave me permission to take my time.  The sweep’s job is toContinue reading


By Ky Griffin

Time passes so rapidly. When I was growing, summers used to last forever. Now as I’ve passed 65 years, it is gone in a blink. Because time passes so rapidly, I am writing this blog several days late. 

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You Can Go Home Again

By Fred Smoak

In 2015, I had the once in a lifetime experience of riding my bike down the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was am wonderful experience of just pedaling to the South Gate, and then  coasting for miles as the ground fell away. For awhile you saw little other than scrub, but then going over a small rise, the vista opened up. I could see for miles across the Canyon. Of course the fun couldn’t last forever. Around 40 miles we reached the desert floor, and it just as hot and desolate as a desert is supposed to be.

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It’s about the people

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth
I joined this version of the Fuller Family in West Yellowstone, on Sunday for the next two weeks.   The past three days have been among the most challenging of my Fuller experience.   (and this installment will make the 13th week I have had the privilege of riding with these folks).  

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