2016 History


Natchez Trace Spring Ride: 400 miles
Spring riders: 36
Homes worked on: 4
Funds raised since 2008: $1, 358,000

Our fifth annual ride on the beautiful Natchez Trace was full of camaraderie, scenic views, and excellent church hosts. We loved seeing the familiar faces with Covenant Partners and church hosts alike as we took in the beautiful Southeast!


Seattle, WA to Washington, DC: 3,600 milesmap-summer-2016-facebook-ad
Whole Way Riders: 36
Segment Riders: 60
Homes Worked On: 24
Funds raised since 2008: $1,620,000

In 2016 the Bike Adventure elected to take its first ever repeat route, paying homage to 2011. We also had record interest in the ride, allowing us to split into two groups for the first time to allow for maximum participation!  Along the way the riders stopped and helped on six builds in Spokane, WA, Kellogg, ID, Craig, CO, Peoria, IL, Indianapolis, IN, and Springfield, OH. The riders raised over $300,900 shattering our goal of $200,000!

FALL 2016Silver Comet map

Silver Comet Fall Ride: 165/128 miles
Fall Riders: 26
Funds raised since 2008: $1,618,000

The third annual Silver Comet fall ride featured a fun two-day weekend event as we camped overnight at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont, AL.

2017 History


Natchez Trace Spring Ride: 400 miles

Spring riders: 31
Homes worked on: 4
Funds raised since 2008: $1, 600,000

Our sixth annual ride on the Natchez Trace was full of new and old friendships, beautiful days spent in God’s creation, and excellent church hosts. A highlight of this year was visiting Houston, MS, the location of the newest Fuller Center Covenant Partner! We also unveiled the redesigned 2017 jerseys at this event.


Seattle to San Diego: 1,400 miles

San Francisco to Savannah: 3,300 miles

Portland, ME to Key West: 2,200 miles

Whole Way Riders: 49
Segment Riders: 52
Homes Worked On: 24
Funds raised since 2008: $1,984,000

In 2017 the Bike Adventure ran three separate summer rides, down both coasts and one cross-country route!  Along the way the riders stopped and helped on eight builds in Craig, CO, Shreveport, LA, Natchitoches, LA, Americus, GA, Albany, GA, Tabernacle, NJ and Orlando, FL! The riders raised over $400,000, reaching our 2 MILLIONTH lifetime dollar!

Dirt to D.C. 2017

Dirt to D.C. Miles: 360 miles

Dirt to D.C. Riders: 14
Homes worked on: 3
Funds raised since 2008:


Our first annual Dirt to D.C. rode dirt and gravel trails from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, D.C.! The beautiful GAP and C&O trails were full of excellent company, team bonding, and fall foliage. We were able to work with The Pittsburgh Project, another Christian housing ministry, to work on repairs for three different homes in the city.

FALL 2017Silver Comet map

Silver Comet Fall Ride: 165/128 miles
Fall Riders: 23
Funds raised since 2008: $2,002,000

The fourth annual Silver Comet fall ride featured a fun two-day weekend event that felt like a family reunion with so many returning riders. We camped overnight at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont, AL with great food and a campfire!

2018 History


Natchez Trace Spring Ride: 450 miles

Spring riders: 36
Homes worked on: 6
Funds raised since 2008: $2,058,000

Our seventh annual ride on the Natchez Trace had a new look and feel to it, as we tweaked the schedule to allow us to ride all the way to Natchez. In doing so, our Nashville build day was moved to Friday, and made a full day instead of a half, and we departed Nashville a day earlier. We saw snow flakes on our first ride, and had to cancel the last day into Natchez due to tornado warnings. The schedule worked great though, and we decided to give it another shot in 2019!


Ocean Beach, CA to Ocean City, NJ (Ocean to Ocean): 3,400 miles

Astoria, OR to Portland, ME (Port to Port): 3,600 miles

Whole Way Riders: 30
Segment Riders: 55
Homes Worked On: 29
Funds raised since 2008: $2,357,000

In 2018 the Bike Adventure ran simultaneous cross-country rides on separate routes for the first time.  Along the way, the riders stopped and helped on eight builds in eleven cities in the US! The riders raised over $370,000, and cycled the 1,000,000th mile in orange since our founding. We are now on our 47th lap around the world!

FALL 2018Silver Comet map

Silver Comet Fall Ride: 165/128 miles
Fall Riders: 23
Funds raised since 2008: $2,362,000

The fifth annual Silver Comet fall ride featured a fun two-day weekend event that felt like a family reunion with so many returning riders. We camped overnight at the Chief Ladiga Trail Campground in Piedmont, AL. It was another great year, but the Silver Comet ride did not experience the growth that we hoped. This ride has been taken off our annual calendar to allow ride organizers to focus on new events.

The Route to Reflection

By: Debi Swinford
As I started the ride today and anticipated 60.6 miles, I also anticipated what to put in this blog.  The actual ride, what we saw, weather, crazy drivers, emotions that arose, our thoughts or how this is a spiritual journey.  How about a bit of each?
Day 5 was gorgeous in all regards.  The sun was shining, temps were warm, 80 ish, and the views of these sparkling, glittery cities provided lots of wow power.  The overpasses we traveled offered water views and boats that I have only seen on Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous.  This ride was a good test of cardiovascular health, not because it was strenuous, but lots of traffic, narrow lanes, and riders had to pay attention to driver/pedestrian intentions.  Focus was required.  My fellow riders are inspiring in so many ways.  Spiritual, kind, patient, selfless, and compassionate.  Jesus would be proud as these folks see the world through his eyes.  That’s the mission, bring to all what Jesus would, homes, comfort and simply Love.  
Riding so many hours a day allows our minds to think of those we love the most, those we miss, memories, others we have met riding, those we serve.  It also gives us time to reflect on our own spiritual path and explore ways to widen our path.  
Landing in Homestead for the night, we are grateful for the United Methodist Church as our host, onsite showers, and icecream right across the street.  
On to Marathon tomorrow.  God bless.  


Written by Dan Sheridan 
We’re now at 2,520 miles in our journey across the USA, with about 1,125 left to go.
I’m only 48 miles away from 100,000 miles cycled as an adult, so I should reach that milestone tomorrow.  I’m grateful for the chance to celebrate this milestone with the wonderful friends that I’ve made on this trip.

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Slightly Less Than Just Peachy – Fcba.pnpdate.2019.187.33.47

By Ed Vander Pol

Today and the best of roads and the worst of roads. But that depends on a particular cyclist’s opinion. We started the day In Moab AZ and ended in Fruits CO; a ride of slightly less than two times forty-seven miles and not a nanometer more! The ride was nearly symmetrical with the ups & downs (ascent & descent) approximately equal to less than one hundred times forty-seven feet elevation change.

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Moab Was a Blast

By Brandon Gotha

We ended up in Moab for the 4th. Sam and I both knew this place is one of the most fun off-road parks in the  USA. We decided it was a great idea to rent a RZR and go explore what the park had to offer. We found ourselves defying gravity driving up essentially walls and attempting to crawl some fairly technical trails. Being from the Midwest Sam and I were use to playing in the mud and sand not this. It was an amazing opportunity.

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Grand Canyon and Beyond

By Hoyt Robey
I have to share one experience from the previous day: A couple stopped us at the gift shop outside of the Grand Canyon Park and asked about our ride and its purpose. After our description, the father asked if his family, a wife and two daughters, could pray for us. We said sure. He then bowed his head, joined arms with his family and two Fuller riders, and prayed for our safety there on the sidewalk publicly. So glad for kind people that are not afraid to be Christian!

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Time to breathe

Written by: Tim Bruce

We had our first day off since gathering together as a team on 7th June and Sunday 16th was our first day off to make our own arrangements for breakfast, lunch and dinner and decide how to make use of the hours. In addition, we needed to say farewell to 3 much-loved members of the team over the weekend, having previously lost Ryan Iafigliola when he returned home from Spokane on Friday.
Ryan had led the devotional times before we started off on our rides and shared his passion for the Fuller Center for Housing as part of our times together. Having known Millard Fuller, the founder of both Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing, his insights were both inspirational and authoritative. Since Ryan has left us others from the group have shared their insights and thoughts and it has been both moving and provocative as people have bared their hearts and shared their passions. Making yourself vulnerable can often been seen as being weak but I have to say; No, it is a strength!! Sharing your heart and knowing that you are in a safe place to do so, brings both encouragement to yourself and strength to others as they identify with what you share. In the scriptures, reference is often made to the need for humility, and this again is so that you can gain strength (1 Peter 5:6). Likewise, in the workplace, knowing that you can make a mistake and be free to admit it, brings security to employees so it can be seen as a learning process and not a cause for attributing blame. It strikes me that we could all do with a bit more humility and vulnerability in society. For the group of us cycling across America, it has made us a very cohesive and supportive team!!

I went to church in the morning as it was Sunday but I had to admit that I was very tired and struggled to concentrate at times but it was good to sing some songs I knew and let the vocal cords take the strain, rather than my legs. I also went shopping in a supermarket in Kellogg and discovered the delights of the food stuffs available to American households and there is plenty of choice, particularly when it came to peanut butter!! However, the shop had a different feel to a supermarket in England. In England is all about value for money and finding a bargain, whereas the feel in America is about abundance with the food shouting “Buy Me, I’ll taste fantastic!” In particular, in the fruit and veg section, where there was a chorus of large succulent apples gleaming under the lights and large white, yellow and red
onions playing a hypnotic symphony about how good they would taste in a stew, salad or curry! In England, there are bags or packages of apples or a box of onions to choose from and price will often determine what and how much we buy. Having said this: Well done England for no longer supplying
plastic bags, but America is planning to do this soon too.
Unsurprisingly, I did not walk out of the shop with a lorry-full of food and supplies but I did pick up a
spare pair of reading glasses and some much-needed deodorant!
Back on the bike tomorrow.

Offering a hand up

Fuller Center Bike Adventure isn’t simply a bike trip. Although, from the outside, it might seem to be just that. In actuality, the bike trip has nothing to do with the purpose of what our team is doing.Continue reading