Dirt to D.C. : Transportation



You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the start and end of the ride, but here are a few ways we can help. If you’d like to take advantage of our help with transportation please share your plans with us no later than September 1st.

  • Buses, Planes and Trains: With enough advance notice, we can pick you up at a local bus station, train station or airport in Pittsburgh, PA.
    We can also drop you off at local transportation hubs in Washington, D.C. after the ride concludes.
  • Driving: If you would like to drive to the start in Pittsburgh, you may leave your car at our host church where we’ll be starting the ride. We will be driving back to Pittsburgh at the end of the trip and can help you get back to your car — let the trip leader know (bike@fullercenter.org) if you will need a ride back to Pittsburgh at the end of the trip.
  • Carpool! As September approaches, we will be making a Facebook page specific to the Dirt to D.C. ride. You can use this page to see where your fellow riders are from, and check if there might be any opportunities to carpool!  If you come across a promising car pool lead, contact us at bike@fullercenter.org for help making arrangements.

Arrival in Pittsburgh:

You should plan to arrive between 5:00pm and 9:00pm on Friday, September 14th. If you need to arrive outside of that time frame please contact us at bike@fullercenter.org as soon as possible.

Departure from Washington:

We will leave Washington early in the morning on Sunday, September 24th, and we plan to arrive back in Pittsburgh by 2:00pm.
If you need a ride back to Pittsburgh, please let us know ahead of time.

If you are scheduling a flight, bus or train out of Washington, we can drop you off at the airport or bus/train station in the morning on Sunday, September 24th before we depart.  Please let us know your transportation schedule ahead of time.