The Real Story

By Dave Ricker

So I could start by describing our route of 63 miles from Folkston, GA to Waycross, GA. It would be easy to paint a picture of the rural roads we traveled. Since the vehicular traffic was light, it was a delightful ride for cyclists, cruising along enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. I could tell you about the farms we passed along the way, with lush green pastures where cattle and horses dotted the landscape, sometimes relaxed and sometimes acting a bit playful with their mates. Also, I could share an image of the tall, proud forests of southern pine we saw as we rode. Or maybe recount the handsome orchards of pecan trees, slowly developing their delicious fruit, which will be harvested for consumption in pecan pies at Grandmother’s house during a sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner.

While those details are significant today, the real story is somewhere else.

The real story is the people. The people who waved to us as they passed by in their car or pickup or logging truck. The people who threw up their hands to wish us well, while they worked outdoors in their gardens or around their house, standing underneath white clouds that billowed in the bluest sky you’ve ever seen.

It’s the people at the host churches who make us feel welcome, providing not only kindness and well wishes, but who graciously serve us nourishment and a place to sleep for our tired bodies.

Today is very easy for me to sum up. The people involved with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure are incredible people. Whether it’s the riders, the leaders or the volunteers it’s easy to tell who they are – you can see it in their eyes. It goes beyond worldly accomplishments or success, which is abundant in this group. What I’m talking about is the attitude that is shown through their actions, whether caring or helping, listening or sharing with one another. Whether relaxed or playful, my instinct tells me these are special people in this group.

And I’m grateful and humbled to be among them.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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