Inspired by the 700, 1,000, and 1,200 mile walks led by Millard and Linda Fuller in the 1980’s, recent Notre Dame graduate Ryan Iafigliola created the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure in 2008 as a way to invite more people into our affordable housing movement. 

Since our inaugural ride in 2008, the event has ridden through 48 U.S. states, Washington, D.C. and one Canadian Province, helped physically renovate or repair 231 homes, and has raised over $3 million for families in need of housing all over the world. Combined 1,488 riders have ridden over 1,348,000 miles for the mission. We have expanded from our single summer ride, giving people more opportunities to join in service-cycling throughout the year.

Millard and Linda Fuller, 1988


Why do we do it? It’s pretty simple:

1. To spread the word about our ministry
2. To raise money for our ministry’s work
3. To develop Fuller Center partners along the way

The result of the ride is that the homes of real people get built and renovated, the movement expands and all involved can grow in faith, hope and love. We build homes, we build friendships, and we build community.

Ride-by-Ride History


In 2019, we hosted our annual spring Natchez Trace ride, along with our summer Parks & Peaks and Seattle to D.C. rides.
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For the first time, in addition to our annual rides, we completed two cross-country routes simultaneously.
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Along with our annual rides, during the summer we had one cross-country route and rides down each coast in 2017. In the fall we hosted our first Dirt to D.C. ride.
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The 2011 Seattle to D.C. ride was so incredible that we decided to bring it back for another year - our first repeat summer ride, to complement the fall and spring rides.
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We enjoyed the Natchez Trace during the month of April for the first time, then traveled 4,000 miles - our furthest yet - during the summer cross-country ride.
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During 2014, the Bike Adventure reached a $1 million cumulative fundraising goal and hosted our first Silver Comet trail ride.
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The Bike Adventure went "international" this year for the first and only time in history, as the cross-country riders traveled past the Canadian border.
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2012 was a year of taking risks! First, we added our now annual Natchez Trace ride to the schedule, then we prepared for two consecutive rides down the U.S. coasts.
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In 2011, we continued our new tradition of cross-country bicycle adventures, but this time without the leadership of Bike Adventure founder, Ryan Iafigliola.
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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Fuller Center, founded to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Bike Adventure rides the shape of a “5” down the east coast toward New Orleans.
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One year under our belt and we decide to make a slightly shorter journey… but with no less adventure!
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Bicycle Adventure founder, Ryan Iafigliola, set out on the inaugural adventure with his crew of 8 intrepid adventurers. It was the journey of faith and purpose that started it all!
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