Hold My Spot

Hold My Spot

Thanks for your interest in joining one of our rides!

With Hold My Spot, we allow you to claim the right to a spot on a trip even though registration has not yet opened — cost and commitment free.

Current rides eligible:

  • Seattle to DC 2024
  • Wild West 2024
  • Tour de Florida 2024
  • Silver Comet 2024

Why Hold My Spot?

  • Guarantees you a spot on the specific ride indicated for at least 48 hours after registration opens
  • Guarantees you will receive the ride’s lowest registration fee, so long as you register within those 48 hours.
  • Enables easy contact with the ride organizers, who can answer any questions you may have. 

How It Works

  • You will be sent emails prior to registration opening alerting you to when it will open and how to register through our website. Registration is expected to open in early October. 
  • Once registration opens, you have 48 hours to register to take advantage of your place on the Hold My Spot list. No privileges extend past those 48 hours.  
  • Use the form below to officially hold your spot!

Request to Hold Your Spot